QuickZip Questions - 2018 Resolutions Edition

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QuickZip Questions - 2018 Resolutions Edition

Thanks for sharing your goals for 2018!  I applaud you and join with you in the never-ending struggle to change – (and not only to change our sheets).

The overriding themes you told us about are familiar and can sound daunting:  healthy living and eating, prioritizing, organizing, and creating rewarding lives and careers.  I’ve been doing the research and am here to tell you that experts have shown that we can do it! In fact, although these important goals all require a change in behavior,  one study indicates that at least 40% of us follow through on our resolutions.  Between all the advice of psychologists, business leaders and QuickZippers I see that it just comes down to committing and taking responsibility.  No one else can do it for us, no one else can force our hand (or our mouth).  When we want to make a change – as one QuickZipper recommended: “sometimes, you just have to do it”. 

Here are some other tips for success:

  • Take some time to step back and figure out what you really want and why.
  • Commit to yourself as the first priority
  • Take the first step! You will never be 100% “ready” 
  • Focus on actions (Procrastination derails an estimated 20% of us from our dreams)
  • For big changes (financial and other), consider a “side hustle”(thank you for the term, Women Who Startup). Take the actions to get started in a way that doesn’t put you or the family at a risk level you can’t manage.
  • Understand and acknowledge you current situation (denial is much easier!)   
  • Surround yourself with positive influences (or to be clear - remove the negativity and the negative people-  Huff Post's suggestions)
  • Tell someone what you intend to do and create accountability
  • Ask for help as you need it

I keep an inspirational card on my wall that says “be your own guru”, and I realize that it really says it all.  It can take time to get there, sometimes you have to grow into it, and sometimes it turns out it wasn't the most important thing; so, go easy on yourself but always keep moving forward!

We are with you on the journey.  Here’s to your best year ever! 


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