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“OMG!  These sheets stay on!”

“Best Sheets Ever!”

"Snug, smooth, luxe.  No more sore back or slipping sheets."

Some of the finest quality sheets I've ever slept on.

Can't believe how much I enjoy changing these sheets!

Outstanding attention to detail.

Smarter, faster and easier - QuickZip is the best bedding for Queen mattresses. Our patented 2-piece fitted sheet is quick to change, easy to fold and won’t pop off; the New-Way Duvet Cover is “the end of hassle” - with extra-long zipper for easy changes and clips that hold your comforter in place. Get all the pieces including add-on interchangeable zip sheets; generously cut flat sheets and pillowcases. Then, add a  mattress pad and comforter, you deserve it!

Queen Bed Sheets Which Zip On and Off!

QuickZip Sateen QueenSize sheets are premium-quality ultra-cozy bedsheets which make changing your sheets a breeze. How It Works

Our Sateen Queen Sheets are available in two colors: white or warm gray.

To upgrade your queen bed sheets to Quickzip, start with the Queen Size Sateen Starter Pack,available in a variety of package options.

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