Find The Best Mattress (...then add QuickZip)

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Find The Best Mattress (...then add QuickZip)

President’s Day mattress sales are in full swing, and there are so many options –Online or brick and mortar? Foam, innerspring, or air?  Organic or not?   The great news is that QuickZip has the perfect sheet for just about whichever mattress is perfect for you. 

Here are a few tips to consider as you shop for the mattress of your dreams.

1. Size

Recent stats show that for adults the most popular mattress size by far is Queen (47%); followed by King (19%) and Full (14%).  Our data at QuickZip indicates that the popularity of TwinXL is increasing, as adjustable bases and split kings become more popular.  When you are shopping, check out the thickness of the mattress (known as the “drop”) to make sure it fits your frame well and so you can get sheets that fit.  Here are the standard US mattress sizes for your reference, plus some other popular sizes:  

    Twin (39x75 inch)

    Twin XL (39x80 inch)

    Full (54x75 inch)

    Queen (60x80 inch)

    King (76x80 inch)

    California King (72x84 inch)

    TwinXL Hospital/Dorm (36x80 inch)

    RV Short Queen (60x75 inch)


    2. Type

    The three most popular types of mattresses for 2018 are innerspring, foam and adjustable air.  The best advice is to try them out! Lay down in the store for long enough to get a good sense of how they conform to your body.   Half of the mattresses sold in the US are innerspring, and many manufacturers now offer hybrid version incorporating layers of foam or gel.  Innerspring are often a great option for those who sleep on their sides.  Memory foam mattresses account for 19% of sales; prized for isolating movement well and the support they offer.   Adjustable air allows custom firmness on each side of the bed, and those with back or neck pain or arthritis often find these the most comfortable.  QuickZip has customers using all three of these mattress, and our specially designed bases stretch to fit and grip the corners  for comfort regardless of your choice.

    3. Buying Organic  

    If you decide to go green, make sure you are getting what you expect.  Some certifications you can look for are: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard), and CertiPur US (Eco-friendly memory foam).

      4. Price
      Average mattress prices range from approximately $500-$1700 and bargaining could get you an average of $200 savings. Consumer Reports suggests that the most expensive options are not always better,  you might get more comfort if you pay a little less for a mattress and buy yourself some new sheets with the savings.


      5. Where To Buy

      Both online and on the ground there are countless retailers trying to gain your business. How can you decide?  After you find the type and price that fits you, Look for a free trial and free returns.  Read extended warrantees carefully – they often only cover manufacturer defects and not wear-related issues.

        Bottom line…….  There is a perfect mattress out there for you, and when you find it, we want you to know that QuickZip’s got you covered – we’ve got sheets for the mattress and frame set that works for you! 

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