6 Proven Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

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6 Proven Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

"Relax!"  "Make time for yourself!" 
Does hearing that make you more anxious?  – Here are 5 quick, cheap and easy ways proven by QuickZippers to reduce your stress so you can enjoy more!

Breathe –Some good deep breaths have been shown to lower your cortisol levels – the hormone released in response to stress.  Too much cortisol makes us foggy, tired, and more likely to get sick and gain weight.  So, recognize the feeling, take a minute for 5 or 10 long breaths in and out.  Count to 2 or 4 during each in and out, and work up.  Let clear thoughts flood your brain, and many of your biggest “problems” solve themselves.

Walk – The miracle cure!  So many studies tell us that walking is good and here’s why.  It can put your brain into a calmer state, gets us outside which reduces stress, improves memory and attention, releases endorphins to improve mood, creates time to connect us with friends, and boosts energy. (You will also have to breathe when you walk, so repeat step 1 above!)  Get outside, alone or with the gang, use the dog or cat  as an excuse, go slow or fast, and feel good.

 Sleep - Miracle Cure #2.  Could 60-90 more minutes of sleep make you "happier, healthier and safer" ?  The experts say yes!  And especially during the holidays, when we are skimping  

Play – Board games.  Running around at the park. Peek-a-boo. Chasing your pets.  Get a laugh in and have some fun for a few minutes every day.


Read – Grab that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand, download a bestseller, or head over to the library.  Reading allows you to escape into a fantasy or learn something new, and has been shown to lower your heartrate and reduce stress by up to 68% - and faster other relaxation techniques.


Have a drink – Tea, cocktails, wine, soda, coffee – whatever sounds good.  Then sit down, put your feet up, un-tense your shoulders, and enjoy! 


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