QZ Premium Cotton Fabrics: Sateen, Percale, and Flannel. How to choose?

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QZ Premium Cotton Fabrics:  Sateen, Percale, and Flannel.  How to choose?

There's nothing quite like crawling into a bed made up with luxurious cotton bedding. At QuickZip we offer three long-staple, OEKO Tex-certified 100% cotton fabrics:  sateen weave, percale weave and flannel.  Each brings different benefits to nourish your every mood or moment.

Sateen: A Silky Dream

Sateen: Soft and Luxurious


If you're looking for a bedding experience that feels like pure luxury, sateen is the way to go. Sateen is a weave that creates a smooth, silky, and semi-lustrous surface, which makes it incredibly soft and inviting. It is woven from long-staple cotton fibers known for their exceptional quality into an optimal 400 thread count to enhance the drape, hand feel, durability and comfort.

  1. Elegance: Sateen's hallmark feature is its subtle sheen. This adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom, making it perfect for a more upscale look.
  1. Softness: The smooth surface of sateen bedding provides an exceptionally soft and silky feel against your skin, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize comfort.
  1. Durability: Sateen bedding is not only luxurious but also durable. With proper care, it can last for many years, maintaining its softness and luster.
Percale: Crisp and Cool
Percale: Crisp and Cool


If you prefer a more crisp and cool feel, percale bedding may be your best choice. Percale is a classic weave that creates a matte, crisp finish, offering a slightly more structured and breathable option compared to sateen.



  1. Breathability: Percale is highly breathable, making it ideal for those who tend to sleep hot or prefer a cooler sleeping environment.
  1. Classic Look: The matte finish of percale bedding gives it a timeless, classic appearance that complements various bedroom aesthetics.
  1. Strength and Durability: Our 400-thread count percale bedding is known for its durability and resistance to pilling, ensuring it maintains its quality over time.

Flannel: Cozy Warmth

New Flannel!  Warm and Cozy



When the temperature drops and you crave warmth and coziness, flannel bedding is the answer. Flannel is a cotton fabric that has been brushed to create a soft, fuzzy surface, which traps warmth and creates a snug, comforting feel.




  1. Warmth: Flannel bedding is perfect for the colder months. It provides insulation and keeps you toasty on chilly nights.
  1. Softness: The brushed surface of flannel fabric is incredibly soft and comforting, making it a favorite choice for many.
  1. Comforting Weight -  Our flannel at 6 oz/sq yd offers a sense of security and comfort. It contours beautifully, creating a snug, almost-hugging sensation. This added weight can be especially soothing, promoting better sleep quality for those who enjoy a gentle, comforting pressure
  1. Versatility: Flannel isn't just for winter; it can also be used year-round in cooler climates or air-conditioned bedrooms.
  1. Fun:  And for 2023, our two new flannel plaids– available not only in bedding, but we have soft, cozy, loungey, PJ pants! – will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a lumberjack’s embrace!

    Choosing the Right Weave

    Now that you're acquainted with the characteristics of sateen, percale, and flannel, how do you choose the right one for your bedding? Consider the following factors:

    1. Personal Preference: Your choice should align with your comfort preferences. If you love a silky, smooth feel, go for sateen. For a cooler, crisp option, choose percale, and for warmth and coziness, opt for flannel.
    1. Climate: Consider your local climate. Sateen may be better suited for warmer climates, while percale and flannel are great for cooler regions.
    1. Aesthetic: Think about the style of your bedroom. Each weave has its unique appearance, which can impact the overall look of your space

    So, choose the weave that resonates with you and transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and comfort. Sweet dreams!


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