How to Tuck Sheets Under A Heavy Mattress

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How to tuck sheets under heavy mattress

If you own a heavy mattress, you know how difficult it is to tuck your sheets underneath it. The larger your mattress is, the more it will weigh. It’s a lot easier to change sheets on a twin bed than on a California king because of its smaller dimensions, and because a twin mattress is simply lighter. Materials affect the weight of a mattress — memory foam and latex mattresses, and mattresses with heavy coils, are typically heavier. 

Many entrepreneurs have tried to tackle this problem — do a quick Google search and you’ll find listings for gizmos like “mattress jacks” and “tuckers.” We can’t vouch for these gadgets and whether they’ll actually make your life easier, but we can offer a solution to your sheet changing problem. Read on to learn more about how to make changing sheets on heavy mattresses a breeze. 

Get Help Making Your Bed

Teamwork makes the dream work! The easiest way to tuck your sheets under a heavy mattress is have someone lift the mattress for you. Get a friend, a family member, or your roommate to help you out, and you can make the bed in half the time it would normally take. Of course, you’ll owe them one for the next time they’re making their bed, so it’s mutually beneficial.

What To Do if Your Bed is Against a Wall

For many of us, our beds are either against the wall or in a corner, which doesn’t make putting a fitted sheet on any easier. (We’re not even going to get started on how difficult it is to put a traditional fitted sheet on a mattress in an RV!) The good news is that you can try the following to replace your fitted sheets, even if one side of your bed is against a wall:

  1. Slide your mattress away from the wall or corner, if it’s not attached to the bed frame. The mattress will likely sit at an angle on the bed frame itself.
  2. Lay your fitted sheet on the bed, and tuck a corner of your fitted sheet onto a corner of the mattress that is closest to the wall. 
  3. Then, tuck the opposite corner of the sheet, either on the same side of the mattress or on the diagonal corner, onto the mattress.
  4. Fit the remaining corners of the mattress with the sheet.
  5. Replace the mattress so it is centered, and fits securely on your bed frame.

Of course, if your mattress is too heavy to move, you can lay your fitted sheet on the bed, and then get on the bed and try to tuck the sheet underneath the mattress. Sound difficult? That’s because it is. No matter how many gadgets you try, tucking sheets under a heavy mattress doesn’t get any easier. . . unless you opt for a reinvented fitted sheet.

Never Lift Your Heavy Mattress Again!

With our signature QuickZip Fitted Sheet, you can skip the tucking and untucking. All you have to do is simply zip or unzip the part of the Zip Sheet that covers the top of the mattress from the base. That base will be secure, continuing to hug the sides and extending a few inches under the bottom of your mattress. 

One of the most common reasons people buy our sheets is that they are easier to put on than traditional sheets. The first step, after you’ve washed your new pair of QuickZip sheets, is to tuck the base onto your mattress like a regular fitted sheet. (Don’t worry, you’ll only need to do this one time.) After that, you’ll just unzip the top portion of the Zip Sheet to wash and then reattach. Every Zip Sheet base has generous, deep corners and will fit even a very tall mattress. Plus, the wide, continuous elastic around the opening on the bottom of the base helps it stay snug when you’re sleeping — no adjustments needed.

QuickZip Helps You Stay Independent

As we get older, simple tasks that we might not have thought twice about in days and years past can feel difficult or even impossible to perform. Making the bed, especially, gets harder as we age since it involves a fair amount of bending, leaning and lifting. 

Linens and blankets are heavy, and trying to wrangle sheets onto a mattress is a full-body job. Tucking sheets under a heavy mattress is hard for anyone, especially older people. Simple household chores like changing our own sheets can make us feel independent, and have a real impact on our overall quality of life. At QuickZip, we want our products to be accessible to all customers — no matter their age or ability. That’s why we believe that our redesigned set of sheets can make a huge difference in your or your loved one’s life.

Foster Independence In Children With QuickZip

With QuickZip’s easy to use Zip Sheet system and duvet cover, your kids can start changing their sheets early on. Encouraging good housekeeping and self-care habits is easy with Zip Sheets! Excuses of heavy mattresses and/or unmanageable fitted sheets no longer stand in the way of your child assisting in household chores. In fact, Zip Sheets may just foster a sense of independence in your little ones early on. 

Making your bed shouldn’t have to be difficult. If you avoid changing your sheets because you dread doing so, consider making the change to QuickZip. Made with the highest quality premium cotton, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. If you have a large, heavy mattress, QuickZip is for you.

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