How to Put Sheets on a Split King Bed

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Navy Split King Bed Sheets

Split king beds are perfect for couples who have different mattress preferences, or for people who want to have the option to turn their king bed into two separate beds. Essentially, a split king bed is two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. If you prefer a firmer mattress and your bedmate needs a soft mattress, neither of you need to compromise. A split king bed accommodates both of your needs.

Sheets for a Split King Bed

To get the most out of your new split king bed, you’re going to need split king bed sheets that are specifically designed for this kind of set-up. Most bedsheet brands only carry sheet sets for standard bed sizes, so you want to go with a brand that accommodates special sizes like split king. To put sheets on a split king bed, you simply put one twin XL fitted sheets on each mattress, and then put your flat sheet and comforter on like you would with a regular king-sized bed. There are opportunities to change this up, which we’ll get to later.

Can I Use Regular Sheets on a Split King Bed?

The short answer is yes, you can use regular sheets (i.e. a king-size sheet set) on your split king bed. However, this can defeat the purpose of employing the split king bed set-up, especially one or both of the beds are adjustable. It’ll be much more difficult to adjust just one of the beds if it’s joined to the other bed by the same fitted sheet. 

Two Twin XL Fitted Sheets

A set of sheets for your split king bed from QuickZip comes with two Zip Sheets, our alternative to the fitted sheet, in twin XL size (39 x 80”). Zip Sheets are the perfect solution for split king beds, because they eliminate the need to put on and take off two fitted sheets when you’re changing them.

We can all agree that putting on fitted sheets is the worst bedroom chore, especially if you have a split king set-up and your mattresses are squeezed together.

Our Zip Sheets go on your mattress like a traditional fitted sheet the first time you use them. After that, you simply zip on or off the part that covers the top of your mattress.

We engineered the Zip Sheet base with vertical elastic on the corners, and added additional elastic to the underside, to ensure your Zip sheet stays put. What’s best? It can fit a mattress up to 16” thick!

One King Size Flat Sheet & Duvet

The flat sheet and duvet for your split king bed are king-sized so that you and your partner can share the comforter. It looks more aesthetically pleasing, too. However, you can alternatively buy two twin XL duvets and flat sheets if your partner tends to hog the blanket!

With separate sheets and duvets, your fabric preferences for your sheets aren’t limited to what you and your bedfellow can agree on. It’s also nice to have twin XL sheet sets and duvets on hand in case you decide to move the beds apart at any point.

Putting sheets on a split king bed is easy, if you have our patented QuickZip sheets. Standard fitted sheets are already difficult to put on, but they’re even harder to put on two mattresses right next to each other. If you already have a split king bed set-up, or are thinking of getting one, we really recommend getting one of our split king starter packs. Your life will be so much easier!

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