How to Wash a Comforter in a Top Load Washer

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How to Wash a Comforter in a Top Load Washer

Washing a comforter can seem like a daunting task, but it’s easily done — and you can even do it at home. Depending on the size of your comforter and washing machine, you’ll be able to avoid the laundromat or an expensive trip to the dry cleaner. The best washing machines for comforters are a front load washer or a High-Efficiency(HE) top-loader. In this post, we’ll tell you how to wash your comforter in a top load washer, and address other frequently asked questions related to washing comforters.

Washing a Comforter in a Top Load Washer

The general rule of thumb with comforters is that you only need to wash them once a year. Of course, if your comforter gets soiled, you’ll need to give it a good wash. You’ll want to exercise caution when using a top load washer, as the agitator can damage the comforter if it’s not durable enough. (Our Berkshire Lite Luxe Comforter is durable enough to withstand the agitation of a top load washer, so long as your washer has a large capacity drum.) Some products are designed for professional laundering, so double check the tag of your comforter for washing instructions.

1. Load the Comforter

Spread out the comforter, then pick it up by grabbing each of the four corners. Load it into the washer as spread out as possible (i.e. not folded or bunched). Never wash a comforter with other items. Your washer should have room to spare so the comforter can agitate and tumble fully, and get clean. To increase agitation and help maintain the shape of the comforter, add a few clean tennis balls to the load. The balls will keep the comforter from clumping up when wet, and gently scrub the comforter as the washer is spinning.

2. Wash the Comforter

Add a capful of gentle laundry detergent, then wash the comforter on a delicate setting. If possible, add a longer rinse period to the cycle. When the cycle is complete, make sure all the soap is rinsed out. Rewash the comforter on delicate (without soap) if necessary, or transfer it to the dryer.

3. Dry the Comforter

Transfer both the comforter and tennis balls (if using) to the dryer, again avoiding any crumpling or folding as much as possible. Tumble dry the comforter on low, never high heat. You can add time to the dryer if it doesn’t feel completely dry yet, or drape it on a drying rack so it dries completely.

How to Clean a Comforter Without a Washer

If your washer doesn’t have enough capacity for your comforter, and you want to avoid the dry cleaner or laundromat, hand washing is an option. All you need is a bathtub, laundry detergent, and a place to hang the comforter to dry.

1. Fill the Bathtub

Fill your clean bathtub with cold water — cleaning your bathtub before is essential so you don’t get any grime on your comforter. Add a capful of detergent, and mix it in with your hands to create a soapy solution.

2. Soak the Comforter

Fully submerge your comforter in the bathtub, and let it soak for 30 minutes.

3. Rinse the Comforter

Drain the bathtub, then fill it with cold water again to rinse the comforter. Again, drain the bathtub, repeating this step if the comforter is still sudsy.

4. Dry the Comforter

After you drain the tub, wring out as much water from the comforter as possible. You can air dry it on a drying rack, speeding up the drying process by placing it outside or by a window and a fan.


Can you wash a king size comforter in a top loader?

Top loader washing machines with a capacity of at least 3.8 cubic feet or more can accommodate many king size comforters - depending on the fill weight/volume

Will a comforter fit in a washing machine? What size washer do I need to wash comforters?

Twin and full size comforters should fit in a standard sized washing machine. Ensure the washer is at least 3.5 cubic feet for a queen, and 3.8 cubic feet for a king.

What if my comforter is too big for my washing machine?

There are a few options for how to clean a comforter too big for your washer. Laundromats usually have high capacity washing machines that can handle large comforters. Or, you can take your comforter to the dry cleaner to be laundered (most manufacturers do not recommend dry cleaning)

How do you wash a comforter in a high-efficiency washer?

High efficiency washers are top loading machines without the agitator in the middle. They’re also more energy efficient and use less water. You can follow the directions for a top loader washer when washing your comforter in a High-Efficiency washing machine.

Our popular Berkshire Lite Luxe Comforter, made with hypoallergenic down alternative, is easily washed and dried. The four-inch quilted squares ensure that the fill doesn’t move around when you wash it.

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