How often should I change my sheets?

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How often should you change your bedsheets

Short Answer: Change your sheets every one to two weeks.

There are no hard and fast rules on changing your sheet changing. However, think about it like your clothes: you wouldn’t wear a tee shirt for a month without washing it, so don’t use your sheets for a month without washing them either. (If you think about it a lot, you’ll want to change them even more often). 

Data shows that you are in your bed 6-8 hours a day. Your body basically does the same things during those hours as it does during the remainder of the day like respiring, sweating, etc. so your sheets, pillowcases, covers and mattress pads deserve a good bath as often as possible, and you deserve to fall into a clean, luxurious bed after a long day.

There are plenty of studies demonstrating that we hate to change our sheets and put it off as long as possible:

  • A study by Mattress Advisor reports an average of 24.4 days between washings, and an average of 35 days before respondents believed it became “gross”. 
  • In Britain, 52% of people change sheets after 3 weeks or longer. (22 % admitted to changing every 4-5 weeks (The Sun).
  • In 2012, the National Sleep Foundation reported that 91% changed sheets every 2 weeks. (Sounds “aspirational” to me based on other studies I’ve found)

But - here is the good news…. There is a better way. QuickZip Sheets, New-Way Duvet Covers, and flat mattress pads are quick and easy to change, and it’s actually not that hard to make the bed your happy place. Here are six quick tips to make it happen:

  • Set a regular goal of changing your bedding when you do laundry. (Every one to two weeks)
  • Keep extra pillowcases on hand and change those in between for a quick refresh.
  • Use a duvet cover that can be easily changed and washed at the same time. (Old style duvet covers can be so intimidating that many people never change them.)
  • Use a flat sheet between yourself and your covers if you don’t wash the covers regularly (and wash the flat sheet every 1-2 weeks.)
  • Wash your mattress pad every 3 months (it absorbs everything that gets through your sheet)
  • Make it easy to “Make” your bed with a simple, tuckless option like a duvet cover. Just pull the duvet up and fluff the pillows each morning. Done.

To make your bedding last, follow these easy care instructions.

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