Best Sheets For Men

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Best Sheets For Men

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends that you consider the following elements when choosing bedding.

1. Material
The fiber content, appearance, and feel of the bed sheets.

2. Weave
How vertical and horizontal fibers are interlinked. This infamous variable has been frequently misused to sell sheets.

3. Breathability
Fabrics that can absorb moisture and also allow airflow promote the body’s natural process of temperature regulation and cooling.

4. Durability
Sheets won’t last forever, but a high-quality sheet set should hold strong for a few years even with regular use and washing.

5. Ease of Care
Made sure the fabric you select can stand up to your washing frequency and process

6. Price Point
You’ll find a huge range but NSF recommends the best return on investment from durable, high-quality sheets.

At QuickZip, we add two other parameters that the other sheet companies omit:

7. Fit
QuickZip’s redesigned fitted sheets are built to fit snugly around your mattress and stay put.

8. Convenience
QuickZip Fitted Sheets and Duvet Covers have been re-engineered to take the hassle out of bedding. Our sheets zip off and on and duvet covers open wide for quick changes

9. Comfort
We start with innovation - a redesigned sheet that won’t pop off your mattress when you move around and a duvet cover you can easily change so you're sleeping on clean, crisp bedding every night.

QuickZip bedding is made from long staple cotton with a choice of weaves so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you: percale for the cool, crisp feel and sateen for softer, heavier luxury.

10. Classic Style
No frills, just the best fit, function and fabric you’ll find. Choose from solids in classic colors or try the pinstripe.

It’s easy to mix and match with interchangeable zip sheets - so go with a sand and navy one day (like your khakis and a blue blazer), or switch to navy and white for a nautical theme the next.

11.Durability Guaranteed
QuickZip bedding has been tested and proven to last. Sturdy cottons with thread counts right in the sweet spot for comfort, breathability and durability, and our YKK zippers are the industry standard.

12. Ease of Laundry

Who’s got time to waste on chores. QuickZip makes laundry day a breeze. The fitted sheets zip off and on for quick changes, and folding the zip sheet is even easier - it’s a rectangle that folds flat. (No need for a 10 minute video to fold these sheets!)

We’ve even reinvented the duvet cover with an extra-long zipper along the bottom and up one side so you can lay the comforter inside, clips to hold it in place, and hidden slots so you can reach inside and get it all set. The end of hassle is here.

 Here's what Customers say:

"Zippidy Doo Dah!!! We are almost ecstatic that these sheets work so well on an adjustable bed. No more corners slipping off and having to clip them on with bungee cords. This is a super invention and an absolutely must for anyone with an adjustable bed. It’s also great for a bed with hard to reach corners. Good job Quick Zip."  
- Richard B

"The best thing ever! These sheets are the absolutely best thing ever! I couldn’t be any more happy about making this purchase."
- QZ Customer

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