How often should you replace your bedding?

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How often should you replace your bedding?

How long has it been since you’ve replaced your bedding? Learn about the lifespan of each of your bedding items to keep your bed fresh and to sleep soundly.

Sheets: 2 years

Sheets do the hardest work  while you sleep, so they should be replaced regularly. Two years is a good rule of thumb but this doesn’t mean your sheets won’t last longer - or need to be replaced sooner. You’ll know when it’s the right time to replace sheets if they are starting to thin, fray, yellow, or have visible staining. Once the fibers start to break down it's time for a refresh.

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Pillowcases: 1-2 years

Regularly replacing your pillowcases can have a good effect on your sleep and your skin. Clean fabric in direct contact with your face  not only helps to prevent allergies from flaring up, but it also minimizes oils and residue that can impact your skin.

Duvet Covers: 2-4 years

How quickly your duvet cover may see wear and tear depends on a couple factors:  if you prefer the Euro bedding style, which doesn’t use a flat sheet, your duvet cover will have more contact with your body, and should be replaced like your sheets - about every two years. If you use a flat sheet you should still consider replacing your duvet cover at least every 4 years. (Pets on your bed? Consider replacing more often!)

1-2 years

A great pillow helps you sleep comfortably. As it ages you may start to get neck or back pain, you may fuss with it to get the right position. Like sheets and pillowcases, it takes a beating everyday. Wash with manufacturer’s instructions regularly and replace every year or 2

Mattress Pad: 4 years

It’s best to replace your mattress pad at least every 4 years since it accumulates any residue and allergens that make it through your sheets. Also look for the usual signs of aging like discoloration, fraying, or holes to cue you that it’s time to buy a new one.

Duvet or Comforter: 3-7 years

Many of us probably can’t remember when exactly we bought our comforter. If you start to notice that the fill clumps together and doesn’t spread out evenly, comes out of the casing, or altogether feels limp, then it’s a good sign it’s time to get a new comforter. The higher quality the fill, the longer it should last.

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