Top 5 Tips for Perfect Gifts

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Top 5 Tips for Perfect Gifts

174 million Americans shopped over Thanksgiving weekend, spending an average of $335 with 75% of that ($251) going toward gifts (National Retail Federation). Don’t want yours to end up in the return or regift pile? Read on to learn how to gift like the experts.

QuickZippers are discerning shoppers and exceptional gifters.  So we asked, and they told us their secrets: It starts with really knowing and understanding the person you are giving to.  And remember, there is no right answer…..

#1.  Listen

Listen all year long to get a sense of what they would really love, what they wish for, and what they need.  Then get in the habit of keeping notes somewhere (it really helps!)

#2.  Ask if you are unsure 

We all want to get something they really want. Rather than getting it wrong, or making anything awkward, our experts recommend that you ask.  That simple?  Well, no.  Of course, you may not want to lose the element of surprise, so we suggest you follow a more sneaky line of questioning, ask someone else, or send up some trial balloons, like:

  • (“I just found the best thing [insert similar gift name here] to give [insert appropriate giftee name here], what do you think? or
  • “it seems like a tough year to select the right gifts, have you seen anything great?”

#3.  Think about what might they need

I am not necessarily a proponent of the fully utilitarian gift, but I do believe in making sure your gift will not end up in the trash within the week.  It usually feels a little uninspired for me to give a Target card or cash, but many of us need some basics, and money is tight for lots of people! So there is nothing wrong with it – and gift cards are actually the most requested gift this year.  (NRF).    You can also take the opportunity to decide what they might want – within reason – if you see a product that you know will make someone’s life easier – go for it!

#4 – Unforgettable, different and never-before seen (and I throw into this category something they wouldn’t buy for themselves)

I know – this one is a lot of pressure.  Breathe… it’s lower priority than the tips above, it’s not everyone, and it’s not all the time. If you have found a great product that you love but know they haven’t seen; go for it! (QuickZip Sheets fall into this category for many people). Think of something you saw on a trip or that caught your eye in a store.  How about a new game?  We started playing Cards Against Humanity (Warning: Rated R) and Dutch Blitz (sort of war-solitaire combo) – both are a riot. How about some fun spices or ingredients and a recipe?

#5 – Think about what you would like – READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST!

This final tip is to be used with a large grain of salt.  Gifts are about them (the receiver), not about you (the giver)!  However, within reason, assuming you are buying for someone like yourself in some way, think about if you would want it and be excited to receive it.

Gifts shouldn’t break your bank or cause you undue stress – they just send a representation of your love and respect for someone.  Go forth and shop!

[[HINT:  here are a few gifts QuickZippers want to receive, to get your juices flowing: Hunter boots, things to decorate the newly finished basement, a class in self development, Parker Clay purse, gift of time with the kids, gift card to my favorite store, headphones, a scarf, gourmet chocolate, workout clothes, cashmere and QuickZip Sheets! ]]

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