5 Folding hacks to make life easier

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5 Folding hacks to make life easier

With Marie Kondo sweeping the nation it seems as though everyone is in a folding frenzy! Here are some folding hacks that you may not know about yet. 


We got into the folding game a long time ago. We decided that folding a traditional fitted sheet was ridiculous. In fact, we thought a lot of things about the fitted sheet were ridiculous.  We redesigned from the ground up, breaking it into two pieces. Now it's quick to change, wont pop off your mattress, and it's easier to fold than any  other sheet on the planet! Learn More

 Folding a t-shirt seems like a pretty basic concept. Not only have you probably been folding t-shirts wrong your entire life, but you've probably been taking longer than needed. Fold your shirts in 2 seconds flat by using the method below. 


Now that you have t-shirt folding down, you can graduate onto the rest of your wardrobe. All of the hacks below show how to perfectly fold any article of clothing and save space while doing it. 

One of my least favorite things to hang or fold is clothing made out of stretchy material. If I fold it, it ends up wrinkly. If I hang it, the shoulders get stretched out. Wait for the last folding tip to perfectly fix this dilemma!


Creative folding is for more than just clothes. Kick your dinner party up a notch with some fancy napkins. It's simple, quick trick that adds personality to your table. Try it with paper or cloth napkins!


Last but not least - folding that unwieldy winter coat! This is good to know for traveling or when storing winter items. Save space by moving your coat from the hanging rack and stacking it at the top of your closet. (This is also a great time to see if it needs to be washed or dry cleaned) Then you can ignore it during all your warm months - which those of us surviving the cold personally cannot wait for! 

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