Fool proof way to impress your significant other this Valentine's Day

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Fool proof way to impress your significant other this Valentine's Day

Many of us have been there a time or two where we've waited until the last minute to think about Valentine's Day. Scrambling in the drug store for a cheesy card and what's left of the chocolates is unimpressive. Here's an easy guide for things to do in the weeks before Valentine's Day that are sure to impress your significant other. This calendar breaks down what to stay on top of so your Valentine's Day plans will go smoothly. 

 1. Shop for a new scent! I love shopping online as much as the next person but I'd recommend going out into the real world for perfume or cologne. This way you can sniff around before you decide. Buy something for yourself to wear to give your S.O.'s nose a surprise. Or buy something for them to give as a gift. Even better - do both! 

2. Give the bed some attention. Something that everyone loves is the feeling of diving into a freshly made bed. New sheets will always give your bedroom a complete refresh. Not to mention set a good mood... 

If you're a QuickZip customer, giving your sheets a refresh is as easy as purchasing a new zip-on sheet. No need to replace the whole thing. Simply zip on a new sheet and it's like a bed makeover happened in seconds. 

3. Set up your reservations. If you plan to go out to eat to celebrate Valentine's Day, the sooner the better when making your reservations. Believe it or not, other people are thinking the same thing - make sure to beat them to the list. Any outing you plan, even if it's not dinner, it's best to call ahead just to make sure your plan for the night will work out ok. 

4. Light up the house with some new candles. Wether it's for the dinning room, living room, or bedroom, you just can't beat the ambiance of candles. It's a tried and true classic that we approve of!

5. Think outside the box. At this point you still have plenty of time before Valentine's Day. This is the best time to think about a unique gift without the pressure of a short deadline breathing down your neck. Maybe it's their favorite snack that isn't usually around the house, custom socks with their pets face on them, or a framed art piece made out of a map of the city where you met your S.O. Anything that takes more thought than a card and chocolates will go a long way. Even though we're thinking outside the box, if you need to wrap your gift inside an actual box, that is in fact okay. :) 

6. Make a card. I can already hear you now - "I'm not crafty! I can't draw!". At the end of the day, your craftsmanship won't be on trial. The thought behind the card will mean so much more than a store bought card with a random poem inside. Check out the scrapbooking section of your store. You can buy single sheets of patterned paper, stickers, and all kind of nick nicks that you could glue on a card. As we get older we tend to have less and less creative outlets. This is the perfect time to let your inner artist out (we all have one)!

7. Do the laundry. Now that you have new sheets, make sure to give them a wash before you put them on the bed to complete the bedroom oasis. You could do the same with the rest of your bedding as well as bathroom towels. Ah, so fresh and so clean! 

8. Do some extra chores. The best way to have a fun and relaxing Valentine's Day is to make sure other distractions are taken care of. Take on some of the errands or chores that your partner usually does. Maybe that's doing the dishes, vacuuming, or running their car to the shop to get the oil changed. Anything you can do to take of your partner's everyday "to-do" list will add to a great Valentine's Day celebration. 

9. Grocery shop. Another option for dinner is to stay in and cook! Try to shop at least two days before. This way, if your store is missing an ingredient or item you'll have time to check out other stores. Surprising your S.O. with dinner is always romantic or turn it into the date by cooking together in the kitchen! 


From today, do one of these items every few days and Valentine's Day will be a breeze. You'll definitely get the message across of how much you love and appreciate your partner. 

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