9 types of people who need QuickZip - you are one of them?

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9 types of people who need QuickZip - you are one of them?

To get started, here's a quick refresh about what makes QuickZip unique:

First, our patented two-piece fitted sheet makes changing, washing, and folding a breeze. The base stays on your mattress while the Zip-On Sheet zips off and on.  Simply zip off to wash, and zip another sheet on in seconds, and your bed is good to go! 

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Next, we heard your pain (and our own)!  That's why we came up with the New-Way Duvet Cover. It has a zipper along the bottom and up the side so you can open it up wide and place your comforter in. Hidden openings at the top make it easy to adjust. QuickClips in the corners keep your comforter in place.

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So....  who needs a QuickZip?  or, who doesn't? ;)

1. The Infant

Crib sheets need to be comfy and functional but also safe. Our crib sheet fully encloses the mattress - making the sheet extra secure. No need to worry about corners popping off in the night. 


2. The Kid

When is the right age to start having your kids help with chores? As young as possible in our opinion! Say goodbye to the days of "Mom, I can't put the sheet on by myself" because we make changing the bed EASY. Which means even the young ones can help! Our two piece fitted sheet is especially handy when dealing with lofts or bunk beds. Being on top of the mattress while simultaneously needing to lift up the mattress is a cruel joke. Since the QuickZip base stays on there is no need to lift up that top bunk mattress every time.


3. The Graduate

Whether you're heading off to college or heading out into the real world, we've got you covered. Dorm mattresses can be an odd size, we carry Twin XL just for this reason. Zipping the top of your fitted sheet on and off makes changing any kind of lofted bed a breeze. College kids also need every advantage when it comes to doing laundry. Sheets that are extremely easy to change and wash might just help the laundry actually get done. If you've left your student days behind it's time for your bedroom to grow up with you. Old, stained, and tattered sheets are no longer welcome. This transitional period in life can be hard enough without dealing with annoying things like bedding. Revamp your bed so it can be the place to rest and refresh.


4. The New Parent

"The best part about having a baby is changing a crib sheet at 3am after a diaper explosion" ...said no parent ever. Changing a crib sheet at normal hours of the day can be a pain. Our design lets you do a quick change without lifting up the crib mattress. Zip off the top, throw it in the washer to be dealt with later, grab a fresh zip-on sheet (change out the mattress pad) and zip it on in a matter of seconds. 


5. The Traveler

Campers and RVs, while excellent for road tripping, make for some pain in the butt bed placement. A lot of times the mattress can be walled in on three sides. Lifting and adjusting a camper's mattress is no easy task. Our two-piece fitted sheet takes that hassle out of the equation. Less time spent on laundry means more time to explore the great outdoors.


6. The Host

Having a steady stream of people in and out of your guest bedroom can be fun at times. The extra loads of laundry is not one of those times. Changing sheets and duvet covers quickly and painlessly leaves you open to enjoy the good times!


7. The Flat Sheet Hater

The newest bed craze is to get rid of the flat sheet. And we get it - the flat sheet never stays in place, impossible to share nicely, always ends up in a bunched up ball. Instead people turn to the duvet cover. It keeps that washable barrier between you and your comforter without needing the annoying flat sheet. Our one gripe with old-style duvet covers is how ridiculously hard it is to change and wash. Which is exactly why we fixed it: Meet the New-Way Duvet Cover. 


8. The Senior

Lifting heaving mattresses is not something that gets easier with time. It's quite the opposite. Taking that out of the equation is a life saver for many. Pulling, stretching, and wrestling with your bedding is out of the question for those with arthritis or other pain. We make everything painless with easy to grasp zipper pulls and smoother zippers. 


9. Literally Everyone Else

Let's review. Bedding that is easy to change, easy to wash, stay in place, is luxurious and cozy. We think it's a win for anyone who sleeps! 


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