4 Ways to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

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4 Ways to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

We are in the business of making one-of-a-kind sheets that provide superior value to you. While we spend a great deal of time talking about the convenience and safety features of our products, it is important to remember that at the end of the day superior sheets should be accompanied by a superior night’s sleep!

Here’s a list of some things to consider for maximizing your sleep quality:

1. Keeping a consistent sleep cycle. Also referred to as your circadian rhythm, it is important to stick to a sleep schedule, not deviating more than an hour on either end, even on the weekends. If you need extra sleep, try taking naps during the day, but limit these to 30 minutes. This will help train your body on when it is time to sleep and wake up. Keeping a consistent schedule should eliminate the need for an alarm to wake you up. Combine this with an appropriate amount of sleep for your age (usually 8 hours for healthy adults) will mean a happier, more productive you.

2. Diet and exercise. Limiting your caffeine intake and staying away from smoking will help keep you from unnecessary stimulation. If you must indulge, at the very least ensure that caffeine as well as large meals and rich foods are eaten several hours before you plan to sleep. Studies show that 20-30 minutes of exercise a day impacts sleeping tenfold, whether done consecutively or in broken up spurts. As with food and caffeine, exercise is best done 3-4 hours before bed, although mild stretching activities like yoga can be a perfect way to get your mind and body ready to sleep. Deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation have also been shown to help mitigate stress, and may be worth trying just before bed.

    3. Setting up the perfect sleep environment.A huge part of preparing for sleep is winding down and allowing your body to adjust. Your body produces the chemical melatonin, a natural sleep aid, when conditions for sleep are met, mainly when you are in a dark environment. Dimming the lights in the early evening and cutting the use of cell phones and other backlit devices including television is essential. If you need to distract yourself, turn to low involvement activities like reading a book until you become sleepy. Focus on relaxing rather than falling asleep, and make sure you are comfortable. A few recommendations include putting a pillow between your legs to help ease lower back tension, reducing the temperature in your room to be between 60 and 67 degrees, and keeping the room quiet, using a fan or white noise machine if subtle sound aids your sleep. For more information, check out our guide to setting up the perfect sleep environment.

    4. Finally, changing your sheets frequently is widely recommended for both a comfortable, relaxing sleep and for maintaining your health, and no other sheet is as simple and easy to change as QuickZip. We also use the most pure materials without any added flame retardants, chemicals or coatings, so you can rest assured you will be getting a great night's sleep in the very best sheets!

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