Toddler Beds and Toddler Sheets: What Parents Need to Know

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Toddler Beds and Toddler Sheets: What Parents Need to Know

Has your toddler all but outgrown his crib, hates to be in it, or is climbing out? When it comes time for a toddler to move into a “real” bed, parents seem divided: toddler bed or twin bed?

Many cribs these days are convertible, and convert into a toddler bed. This can be extremely convenient, you don’t have to spend any extra money, you’ll be using the same crib mattress, and you can continue to use your QuickZip crib sheets as toddler bed sheets.

But what if you need the crib for the next baby? Then you’ll have to decide whether to buy a toddler bed, which will only fit your child for a few years, or get a twin bed. The practicalities of the situation are this: where there are toddlers, there’s likely to be toilet training. And where there is toilet training, there are likely to be accidents. And one of the places these accidents will happen is in bed. You’ll probably need a good supply of toddler sheets.

This is a good argument for a toddler bed that uses a crib mattress and QuickZip easy-change crib sheets, because in the case of an accident they are so much faster and easier to change than regular bedding.

But there are other reasons a toddler bed might be perfect for you and your child:

  1. Its smaller size can fit better in an apartment or small bedroom, leaving your child more room to play.
  2. If you have more than one child sharing the room, the toddler bed will also be a better fit.
  3. Its arms and railings give the bed a cozy feel and make it less of a major transition, allowing your toddler to feel more secure.
  4. If your child is a restless sleeper who moves around a lot in the bed, the toddler bed will prevent him or her from falling out in the middle of the night.
  5. Toddler beds come in a lot of fun colors and themes that your child will really enjoy.

Whatever you decide for your child, the first thing you’ll want is a waterproof mattress pad, in case of accidents. All of our mattress pads are waterproof, easy to change (flat design with no skirt), and even come in organic cotton if that’s something you are looking for.

Toddler bed sheets

Next, the bedding. Choose the most colorful, most fun looking quilt for your toddler’s bed, something that will truly brighten up the room and make your child smile. But for comfort, practicality, and easy and quick changes – choose our QuickZip sheets to lie beneath that quilt. You will use one permanent base, and can have an assortment of different toddler sheets that will simply zip on and off the base.

If you haven’t yet considered our QuickZip crib sheets, toddler sheets, or twin bed sheets and sheet gift sets, we’d like to mention that they are a mother-approved, award-winning product designed to save you time and energy.

You already know how exhausting it is to have to change the sheets at 3 a.m. Why not find out how much faster and easier it is to change a QuickZip sheet?

Take a look at our QuickZip Video, and see if you don’t think these sheets are the perfect solution to the issue of toddler bedding and toddler toilet training accidents!

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