Can QuickZip Sheets Help Your Baby Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

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Can QuickZip Sheets Help Your Baby Get a Better Night’s Sleep?

Every mom with a baby has probably felt the effects of sleep deprivation. But it’s also possible that your baby can also suffer ill effects if he or she misses out on sleep. Now, how would that happen? Your baby can probably sleep just about anywhere, any time. But as a parent, you know your baby has good nights and bad nights. You’ve probably even said this, a time or two, “He had a rough night.” Meaning he just didn’t get the sleep he needed.

There are a variety of reasons why babies might be sleep deprived.

  • Over-waking during the night.
  • Medical or behavioral issues that prevent a good night’s sleep.
  • Parents overestimating the amount of sleep their particular baby needs, and having the child resist falling asleep as a result.

But if baby wakes too frequently during the night and has difficulty falling back to sleep, you might notice some of the signs the next day.

  • The baby might be extra cranky.
  • The baby might yawn a lot.
  • The baby might have a noticeable lack of interest in the outside world, or in anything stimulating.

According to one study mentioned on, “researchers deliberately disrupted the sleep of 14-month-old babies during a single laboratory "sleepover." The following day, these babies showed poorer emotional regulation--i.e., they had difficulty recovering from negative emotions (Montgomery-Downs and Gozal 2006).

So if you have the sense that both you and your child could use more sleep, what can you possibly do?

How about minimize the time your baby is awake when you feed or change him? Have everything ready and waiting before you go to sleep. The spare diaper. The extra bottle. Anything and everything you can possibly have ready to attend to your baby’s needs so both of you can get back to that beautiful slumber as quickly as possible.

And what if your baby or toddler soils the bed? Do you go through all the time and trouble of changing the sheets right then and there, causing the baby to miss even more sleep? Do you sigh and decide to leave the whole mess till the next morning and bring baby into your own bed?

We’d like to offer a third alternative that will have you and baby back to sleep in no time. With our QuickZip easy-change sheets, simply zip off the soiled top part of the sheet set, zip in a fresh one (that you have laid out and waiting so there’s no digging through closets in the middle of the night), and both of you can get back in your beds and into your dreams in no time at all.

Know a mom whose baby has trouble getting enough sleep at night and is cranky all day as a result? QuickZip easy change sheets are a phenomenal gift that make both Mom’s and baby’s life just a little bit easier. And the little things do add up.

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