Frustrations of the Fitted Sheet & the QuickZip Easy Change Solution

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Frustrations of the Fitted Sheet & the QuickZip Easy Change Solution

Who likes to change the sheets? Sure, we all love that clean-sheet aroma. That crisp, unwrinkled, just-washed feeling. Ahhh!

But let’s face it, for many of us the whole process of changing the sheets is so odious, so tiresome, that many of us leave them on long after the fresh scent of Tide is long gone.

Ripping your dirty sheets off the bed is no problem. Throwing them in the wash is no problem. No, the trouble starts when they come out of the dryer, all warm and fragrant . . . and needing to be folded!

Is there anyone outside of the servants on Downton Abbey who truly knows how to fold a fitted sheet? (Actually, fitted sheets were patented in 1959, so they probably didn’t even exist in Downton Abbey times.) Is there anyone who can even handle the folding process without someone else to help? It’s like wrestling a cloth octopus, trying to get the sheet corners to align and the whole thing to fold into a neat package that will fit nicely on your closet shelf. We wonder how your basic fitted sheets ever managed to be inserted into those neat little plastic baggies they came in. We couldn’t get them back in if our lives depended on it.

And what about the way ordinary fitted sheets manage to steal your socks and underwear, hiding them in the corners or voluminous folds of the fabric, only revealing them as a mysterious lump in your bed once you’ve wrestled the unwieldy sheet on.

And you thought it was the dryer that was making off with your socks!

Okay, let’s move on to putting on the sheet. Raise your hand if you’ve ever broken a nail. Or uttered a choice swear word in the process of trying to fit the fitted sheet onto the mattress. It’s not fun. And if the sheet has had the audacity to shrink, it’s really not fun.

Luckily, there’s a simple, graceful solution to the perils of the fitted sheet: the QuickZip easy change sheet. The one with the permanent base on your mattress. The one with the top that zips off in a flash. Easy to wash, barely takes up any room in your washing machine. Easy, oh-so-easy to fold. So easy, you might even start to love changing the sheets.

Best of all, the QuickZip top zips on as quickly as it zipped off. No tugging. No straining your fingers. No breaking your nails. No crouching on the floor, lifting that final corner of the mattress with one hand while desperately yanking on the sheet with the other.

Nothing but a nice smooth sheet to greet you at night. And best of all, you can buy more than one top for the QuickZip base. So you can zip off the dirty and zip on the clean in a minute’s time.

QuickZip is definitely not your mama’s sheet! Did we mention QuickZip award-winning easy-change sheets make phenomenal gifts? Hint, hint.

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