Ten Things to Consider for Your Baby’s Room

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Ten Things to Consider for Your Baby’s Room

For new parents or parents-to-be, putting together a nursery can seem a bit daunting. Of course, you need a crib, a mattress, sheets and a changing table, but what else? Are there any other must-have baby room staples? And what about all those new things appearing on the market, things your own moms can’t tell you about because they simply didn’t exist when you were a babe?

Things like Quick Zip easy change zippered sheets, which make changing crib sheets so much quicker and simpler, you’ll wish you had them for your own bed.

Here’s a list of some things you might want to consider:

  1. How about an odor-free diaper pail? Of course your baby smells delicious, but not everything that comes out of him will. There are several on the market to choose from and your nose will definitely thank you.
  2. A diaper wipes warmer. This ingenious invention keeps your baby wipes warm, since no one likes the shock of a cold cloth on a warm bum, especially when half asleep.
  3. Don’t forget a night light, something that will not keep baby awake but will prevent you from tripping over that stuffed bear on the floor and pitching head over heels in the middle of the night. There are also crib night lights on the market that emit womb-like sounds to keep baby comfy and feeling secure.
  4. A rocking chair. Okay, this one’s as old school as it gets, but for those nighttime feedings or if the baby is fussy, a bit of good old-fashioned rocking can’t be beat.
  5. Baby monitors have been around for years but they’ve gotten more high tech. Now there are baby monitor apps for your phone so you can know instantly if your baby is fussing or crying, wherever you are.
  6. Stickers, stencils, or painting on the ceiling over the crib. Remember, your baby will spend a lot of time on his back looking up at that ceiling. And since people are so visually oriented, we all respond well to bright colors and interesting designs.
  7. A sound machine designed for babies. People believe babies need perfect quiet to sleep, but if you consider the racket they had to listen to in the womb, it’s easier to understand how some soothing sounds might be a better choice than unnerving silence.
  8. A nursery mobile. Studies have shown that mobiles stimulate and entertain, encouraging brain development. Choose one that’s colorful and sways and jiggles.
  9. A contour changing pad that attaches to the top of a table or dress. This saves you money on a single-use changing table that will have no further use once baby outgrows his diapers.
  10. At least two sets of QuickZip easy change zippered sheets, because who wants to spend their energy struggling with ordinary sheets when you could be snuggling with your baby? With QuickZip sheets, the base stays on the mattress and only the top zips off, for quick and easy changes if there’s been an accident.

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