Safety Considerations for Your Baby's Nursery

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Safety Considerations for Your Baby's Nursery

With a baby on the way, there are lots of things to accomplish before your bundle of joy is born. One of the most exciting aspects of the preparation process is getting the baby's nursery ready. With a nursery, there are many things to consider. What color will the walls be painted? How will the furniture be arranged? How many diapers and wipes should be stocked in the changing table?

When you really think about it, there are dozens and maybe even hundreds of choices that you must make in regard to your baby's nursery. But some of the most important considerations have to do with safety. The overall look and layout of your baby's nursery is practically meaningless if the room does not provide a safe environment.

When setting up your baby's nursery, make sure to take the following safety factors into consideration:

Smoke detector. Every room in your home should contain a working smoke detector, including your baby's nursery. You may also want to add a carbon monoxide detector to your baby's room.

A safe crib and mattress. Make sure the crib and mattress you choose for your baby's nursery meet all current national safety standards. This is especially important if you are going to purchase a used crib and mattress, or if a friend or family member is planning to give you a hand-me-down. Product recalls can be checked on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission website. Extensive information on sleep safety can be found here, crib and mattress safety standards can be found here and specifics on crib sheet safety are provided here.

Avoid placing pillows, stuffed animals, bumpers or blankets in your baby's crib. Bare is Best!  Follow expert recommendations and keep you crib clear of these and other potentially hazardous items. 

Don't allow anything to hang above or near the crib.Pictures can fall off walls and curtains can be pulled from windows. Certain crib mobiles can also pose a safety risk. Anything that your baby can reach and grasp from the crib can create a dangerous situation. Your baby's crib should be placed away from all types of cords, electrical outlets, lamps, baby monitors and room decorations.

Always use safe crib linens. Sheets in cribs can sometimes be hazardous to babies.  To prevent tragedies, parents and caretakers should take the following precautions to ensure a safer sleeping environment for their young children.  Make sure crib sheets fit snugly on a crib mattress and overlap the mattress so it cannot  be dislodged by pulling on the corner of the sheet.  Never use an adult sheet on a crib mattress; it can come loose and present an entanglement hazard to young children. CPSC sheet safety recommendations are provided here.) QuickZip crib sheets go beyond these safety recommendations - wrapping fully around the bottom of the mattress so that it can’t pop off.  The zipper sheet attaches to the sheet base with a concealed zipper and the  pull tucks away, completely out of your baby's reach.

Anchor nursery room furniture to the wall.While your baby might not be able to pull on furniture when he or she is a newborn, many babies attempt to pull themselves up on furniture once they start to crawl. When not anchored or secured to the wall, furniture (including a dresser, changing table, and more...) can tip over and cause serious injuries to a baby.  

Creating a safe nursery for your newborn baby is essential, and QuickZip is dedicated to providing baby bedding that  meets rigorous safety standards. We are proud that our QuickZip crib sheets are helping new parents around the world create a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for their baby. 

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