Top 5 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

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Top 5 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Have you been invited to a baby shower? If so, you're probably wondering what you should bring for a gift. If you're like most people, you will go shopping for a present at a department store that specializes in baby items. Once in the store, your eyes will most likely be drawn to the incredibly adorable newborn baby outfits that are on display.

It's incredibly difficult to resist purchasing a tiny newborn baby outfit to give a mother-to-be as a baby shower gift. There is nothing cuter than an outfit that will fit a newborn! But, before you make a purchase and have the endearing little outfit gift wrapped in a pastel-colored box, think about whether the baby will need the outfit. In reality, does any newborn baby need another adorable outfit? Probably not.  As experienced parents we know that so many cute outfits either fit for such a short time or were never even worn because the baby was too big to too small in the wrong season!  

Before you give in to your temptation and purchase the lovable newborn outfit, take a moment to ponder baby items that new parents find useful. What would a new parent want and need, besides newborn baby clothes, that would make their life easier after the baby is born?

Here is a list of our Top 5 Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts:

QuickZip Deluxe Crib Gift Set - The QuickZip deluxe crib set includes three QuickZip zip sheets, one base, and a flat waterproof protective mattress pad. All items come in a nice gift box tied with a bow.  Most parents do not realize what a hassle it is to change a crib sheet until they get it on the bed or need to make a middle of the night change. The QuickZip zipper sheet system makes changing a crib mattress incredibly quick, easy and hassle-free.  And QuickZip is safer than other sheets - minimizing the hazards of loose bedding in the crib because it wraps all the way around the underside of the mattress so it won’t pop off.   

Baby Sleep Sack -  Experts and government agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend not using blankets or any other loose objects in the crib due to safety hazards related to entrapment or strangulation.  Most new parents worry that their baby will be cold while they sleep.  A sleep sack, also known as a wearable blanket, keeps the baby warm and secure.

Bouncy Chair- Every new parent must put the baby down sometimes! It can be hard for a new parent to find a safe place to put the baby when their hands are needed elsewhere. A bouncy chair is the perfect solution. Bouncy seats are available in many brands, styles and colors - and most come with either a three-point or five-point harness.  The motion of the chair along with optional toy bars or a battery-operated musical system keeps the baby happy for a few minutes while mom or dad is occupied.  

Diapers - Every new parent understands that babies go through a massive number of diapers during their first few months. Diapers might not seem like the most glamorous gift to give at a baby shower... but they are certainly a practical and useful gift! No matter if the new parent plans to use disposable or cloth/reusable diapers, this is a gift that will certainly be used and appreciated.

Stroller - A stroller is essential for every new parent. Absolutely nobody carries their baby one hundred percent of the time. A stroller can be an expensive purchase, so it may be possible for multiple people attending the baby shower to chip in and purchase a stroller as a group gift. In most cases, the new parents will have already picked out and registered for the baby stroller of their choice.

Before you purchase an adorable newborn outfit to give as a baby shower gift, keep in mind that the baby may grow too fast to wear the outfit more than once. In fact, the baby may never wear the outfit a single time. It's smart to give a useful gift at a baby shower. The new parents will appreciate it!

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