QuickZip Sheets a Boon for the Elderly

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QuickZip Sheets a Boon for the Elderly

With people living longer and longer, a whole industry has sprung up around providing care for the elderly. When it comes to sleep, there are many fantastic products on the market designed specifically to help the elderly, including foam wedges to make people with back problems more comfortable; hospital or home care beds for the bedridden; special pressure relieving mattresses; Waterproof mattress covers; and even devices to assist the elderly in getting in and out of bed without a dangerous fall.

But what about sheets? Before QuickZip easy-change sheets, there were no sheets on the market that might make a big difference to the elderly or to their caretakers. Let’s take a look at three difference scenarios, to see how the QuickZip fitted sheet system can make life for the aged and elderly that much easier.

  1. Your elderly parent is receiving home care, and is either bed bound or spending much of their time in the bed. The caretaker must frequently change the sheets, either due to incontinence or just the fact that the more time someone spends in bed the more frequently the sheets will need changing.

    QuickZip easy-change sheets are faster and easier than regular sheets because of the patented system - a base that stays on the mattress and a top (AKA the Zipper Sheet) that zips on and off.  It is so simple to zip off the top and zip in a new one than to remove an entire fitted sheet and wrestle another one back on. In this situation, QuickZip is as much of an advantage to the caretaker as it is to the patient.

  2. Your elderly parent still lives in his or her own home, refusing assistance. This is an all-too-common situation that keeps adult children awake at night.

    You can make your parent or other elderly relative’s life easier, while respecting their desire for independence, with a gift of QuickZip sheets. Not only are QuickZip sheets less strenuous to put on and take off, requiring less bending and pulling, and the sheet is a rectangle - with no elasticised corners-  so it is easy to fold.  

    Another little discussed benefit is that QuickZip sheets take up much less room in the washer and dryer than the average fitted sheet and they don’t capture all your other laundry in the corners. In a recent review, a customer who is a senior told us how thrilled he is with QuickZip because used to have to call his daughter to come over every time he wanted to change his sheets, but now can easily do it himself.  

    QuickZip means freedom for him.   With sizes up to full available now, QuickZip is a terrific gift.

  3. You have a new baby, and both your parents and your elderly grandparents are very active in your life. Your grandparents are constantly offering to help with the baby. Lucky you!

    So why not let them help to their hearts’ content, but make that job just a bit easier with QuickZip sheets for the crib or toddler bed? Especially if your grandparents have arthritic joints or bad backs, they will find QuickZip sheets so much easier to change. And so will you.

To see the award-winning QuickZip fitted sheet system in action, please take a look at this video. Our high quality sheets sets are currently available in crib, Twin, TwinXL, and full sizes. 

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