Crib Bedding and Safety Concerns

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Crib Bedding and Safety Concerns

Everyone wants their baby to be comfortable while sleeping in a crib. But just as important as comfort is safety. Because the well-being of a baby is a significant concern for new parents, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published an important article on its website titled Safe Sleep: Bedding, Pillows, Safety and More. The goal of the article is to share information with the general public on how to create a safe crib environment for a baby.

Here are some of the important points made in the article:

  • For a safe sleeping environment, a baby should be placed in a safe crib that is free of clutter. A baby is at risk when there are items such as thick blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc... crowding the crib.
  • The mattress used in a safe crib should be firm, tight-fitting and flat. Additionally, it is recommended that a baby be put to sleep on his or her back.
  • Avoid propping up a baby's head with a pillow in a crib. A pillow can be a dangerous addition to an otherwise safe crib because it can block a baby from breathing properly.
  • Thick blankets should not be placed over a baby in a crib. A blanket poses a suffocation risk. Instead of using a blanket, make sure the baby is dressed in appropriately warm clothes.
  • Eliminate overstuffed bumper pads from a baby's crib. Bare is best when placing a baby to sleep in a crib.  CPSC staff has previously stated that overstuffed bumper pads can be hazardous and is currently re-examining the safety of all crib bumpers, in an effort to provide parents with the best advice using  the best science and data available.

The above-mentioned points are not a complete list. For more information and additional safety tips, please read the entire referenced article published by the U.S. CPSC.

Crib Sheets and Safety Concerns
It's important to understand the dangers associated with crib bedding. Certain types and styles of crib bedding might pose a significant risk to your baby's safety. When it comes to crib sheets, many organizations that focus on the health and safety of infants state that the safest type of crib sheet is the type that fits a crib mattress securely.

Safety and QuickZip Crib Sheets

Our QuickZip Crib Sheets and PortaBaby Safety Sheets for play yards fit safely and securely around the mattress for which they are intended to be used.

Some safety facts regarding our QuickZip baby crib sheets include:

  • Our products meet the requirements of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
  • Our crib and play yard sheets fully enclose the mattress and won't  pop off
  • The zipper on our sheets is covered and the pull tucks away, out of baby's reach

We are very concerned about the safety of your baby. Our sheets were designed with two very important factors in mind: the well-being of your baby and the ability to change your baby's crib sheet with ease.

For more information on issues related to crib sheet safety, please the Crib Sheet Safety page on our website. This resource offers a published list of well-regarded organizations that provide extensive information about child and baby safety as it relates to cribs, bedding, and several other important issues.

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