WWR Staff

WWR Article Summary (tl;dr) Have you ever struggled with keeping your fitted sheet on the bed? Well, struggle no more! Quickzip founders Elizabeth Sopher and Caroline Portis have created a product to make your household chores a whole lot easier.

Los Angeles

“QuickZip” founders Elizabeth Sopher and Caroline Portis received a $250,000 investment Thursday night for their startup after being declared the winner in the “Capital Championship,” an L.A. based entrepreneurial competition. Quick-Zip produces zip-on sheets for people of all ages and every mattress size.

QuickZip started with an “aha” moment when new parent and Quick-Zip founder, Elizabeth Sopher, wondered if everyone struggled as she did to change a crib sheet. She knew there had to be a better way and started designing a new, improved, easy-to-change sheet. But these sheets are not just for cribs!!!! Currently the sheets come in all shapes and sizes so adults no longer have to struggle with that annoying fitted sheet that won’t stay put.

Other finalists in the championship competition included Colorado Springs based “Get Outfitted” which rents premium outdoor gear delivered to a customer’s home or vacation destination for one-time use (Think “rent the runway” for outdoor gear) and Parknav, a Chicago-based service that helps people find on-street parking