INSIDER's GUIDE to High School Grad Gifts

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INSIDER's GUIDE to High School Grad Gifts

Be a Gift Hero!

For those college-bound kids, forget the monogrammed laundry bags (like I gave last year).  We did an informal survey of college freshmen and here are their Top 5:

ENO Hammock (plus the straps) – everyone wants this!

A small tool kitwith whatever you want to throw in –  for example:  duct tape, screw driver, mini hammer, wrench, command hooks, tape, bike tire patch kit, safety pins. 

has come in handy for the most random, yet essential, things” (Mimi, College Freshman)

Not your average gift cards –  The grads all appreciate money, and they have lots of expenses.  A fun option that feels like a real treat during the year is to give gift cards to:

  • The college bookstore - Usually a treasure trove of clothes, books, supplies and goodies right on campus;
  • A local campus restaurant - a treat for many college students to get a non-campus meal. (or a local shop, nail salon, or barber); and
  • Amazon – Anything you need, delivered (plus you can rent text books there!)

by John Waters  So what if you have talent? Then what? (ES Pick:  I can’t do a grad gift list without at least one book)   "From an icon of popular culture, here is inspiring advice for artists, graduates, and all who seek happiness and success on their own terms."

QuickZip – Smart Sheets Designed for Smart Students!  More Comfort, Less Work.  Sheets that students actually change. 
“Some of my friends didn't change their sheets all semester!  Mine were clean all the time!  So easy!”  Maya, College Freshman

Let us know if you have other great ideas!  (especially you college students!)

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