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The Best of Mother’s Day Gift Guides

3 min read

The Best of Mother’s Day Gift Guides

(Note from Elizabeth):  Mother's Day (and Father's Day) are inherently a little sexist in my view - so please excuse any sexism/steroetyping/gender specificity in these suggestions. We focused on ideas for fun ways to celebrate all parents!)
  1. A Dad’s Guide to Her First Mother’s Day by Parents.com

After braving pregnancy, childbirth, and many sleepless nights during her first year as a mom, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation and admiration  with a present she won’t forget.

 Our favorite picks from the list:

    • Make a Sweet Card: Create an adorable card with a message coming from your baby. Add your baby’s hand print or foot print to make the card extra special! 
    • Create an at Home Spa: Being a new mom is emotionally and physically draining. Help her relax with a rejuvenating massage at home. Set the scene with candles, mood lighting, and massage oils. Afterwards, have her favorite bubble bath and bottle of wine ready so she can soak in the tub. 
    • More Here
  1. Tech Gifts Under $100 for Moms by Refinery 29 

Whether mom is a crafty technology extraordinaire or still needs help mastering 21st century technology, you can’t go wrong with any of these ingenious gifts. Bonus: Everything is under $100.   

Our favorite picks from the list: 

    • Samsung Gear VR: Give mom the gift of a vacation from her own home with this futuristic VR headset. In this virtual reality, she can feel as if she has been transported to another world anytime, anywhere. 
    • Drop Kitchen Scale: Does mom like to cook? Wow her with the Drop Kitchen Scale. A scale that connects to an app filled with an amazing collection of recipes. The best part is that the app measures what you put down on your scale and makes the necessary recipe changes or suggests a substitute. 
    • More Here
  1. DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Anyone Can Actually Make by Buzzfeed 

Nothing says happy Mother’s Day like taking the time to create a unique, homemade gift for your mom/partner. Crafting skills are not required for these fun, meaningful, and unique ideas.  Buzzfeed also includes a “How To” instruction manual for each DIY gift!

 Our favorite picks from the list:

    •  A Reasons Why I Love You Book: Mom’s heart will turnover when she sees this meaningful keepsake. Tell mom how much she means to you, and she will be able to hold onto it forever. Exercise your imagination and make it as creative and unique as you want.
    • Cupcake Bouquet: Mom could not be more delighted with a beautiful bouquet and a batch of delicious cupcakes all in one. You can even design the bouquet in her favorite color. 
    • More Here
  1. Practical, Chic, and Stylist Gifts for Mom by Marie Claire

For something every mom would love, you can’t go wrong when you dazzle her with this list of trendy, nifty, and divine gifts. Spoil mom with these stylish, practical, and cutting edge presents she deserves.

Our favorite picks from the list:

    •  Insta-Garden: A self-watering garden that grows plants automatically is perfect for a mom with a green thumb but no time.
    •  Tom Dixon Scented Candle: Unlike any old candle, Tom Dixon candles come in uniquely luscious scents including Earl Gray & Strawberry Jam, Rose Petal Garlands, and much more.
    • More Here 
  1. Gifts Under $25 and Still Thoughtful from U.S. News

Spending mother’s day on a budget? Don’t worry; you can still show your mom how much you appreciate her. All under $25, and these gifts are still amazingly thoughtful.

 Our favorite picks from the list:

    •  An Evening with Bubbles: Create a gift basket for mom by including her favorite scented bubble bath, her favorite bottle of wine, and a copy of her favorite magazine. Moms tend to put everyone else before themselves. Thus, she will appreciate having everything ready for her to take some time and treat herself.
    •  Kid in a Candy Store: Depending on when your mom was born, she most likely has fond childhood memories eating various candies. Your mom will be thrilled when you present her with a colorful assortment of her favorite childhood candies! Don’t forget to wrap it all up with a big bow. Tip: Check out OldTimeCandy.com to find out which candies were proven most popular throughout the decades.
    • More Here


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