Safety Check-In

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Safety Check-In

Keeping your little one safe is alway on the mind. Here are some quick reminders of crib and nursery safety to keep your loved one #SafelySnuggled.

The vertical slats on your crib should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. One of your baby’s favorite past times will be trying to squeeze their heads through the slats. Let’s make sure they never win that game!


Make sure to use a firm mattress designed for your crib. Less than two fingers should fit between the mattress and crib. If you hadn’t noticed, babies tend to have small limbs. The goal is to not let those get stuck.


Use just one sheet at a time. Layering the sheets can increase the chance of the sheet popping off which can be a hazard. If you’re looking for a quick way to change the crib sheet, we’ve got you covered. QuickZip takes about 5.82735 seconds to zip off, grab a clean sheet, and zip it on in another 5.82735 seconds. And most importantly - the design is super safe!


No blankets, bumpers, stuffed animals, pillows or other loose objects should be in the crib when your baby sleeps. These items can increase the risk of SIDS. So go ahead and decorate the nursery, just not the crib!


There should be no missing, loose or broken screws, brackets or hardware on your crib. The safest crib is one that is put together properly. It’s ok to call IKEA customer support if needed. We won’t judge you!


Use tight-fitting crib or bassinet sheets that cannot be dislodged by pulling on the corner. We’re proud to offer the safest crib sheet on the market. It wraps fully around the mattress with a top sheet that zips on. That thing ain’t coming off!


See our full nursery check list here.

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