Prevent Injuries from changing bed sheets!

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Prevent Injuries from changing bed sheets.

We feel your pain, and hear about your struggles. You are not alone if you find changing sheets taxing at least or even dangerous - if it is almost impossible to do with your bad back, or if you’ve even been injured changing your bed sheets - this frequent and necessary household chore.

We hear it every day - customers who have found QuickZip while searching for a better way after injuring themselves changing bed sheets, not to mention those who just find it downright annoying and unnecessary to break a sweat every time.

QuickZip was the first bedding company to report the potential for injuries from bed sheets - check out our funny take on this subject.


We’ve surveyed our customers - and here are some examples of what we’ve heard: 

  • “I tore a tendon in my finger putting a fitted sheet on my bed.”
  • “..... torn ligament in finger from trying to make bed…”
  • “... no more broken fingernails wrestling the sheets”

And regarding - back injuries - we have hundreds of testimonials documenting back injuries and back pain, often from lifting heavy mattresses while trying to get the fitted sheet on.

  • Before QuickZip “....changing the sheets was more than a challenge, it was a pain”
  • “My back thanks you”
  • I've had back problems for years and struggled to make my king size bed. No more! These are a lifesaver!
  • I have a king size mattress that is very heavy so it's back-breaking work to change the sheets
  • These sheets are the answer to the back pain of changing the bed.
  • It means so much to be able to change sheets without all the strain on your back! 
  • A speedy backsaver
  • I used to have a backache after changing the bed with regular sheets.
  • My mattress is so heavy, it was a back breaking job to change the sheets. With these zip sheets it is easy, quick and not a literal pain in the back to accomplish the task.
  • Saved my back, my husband’s back, my fingernails from breaking every time I had to tuck in my old fitted sheets, and my sanity!!!
  • I'm 68 and have arthritis in my back, it was a real pain (literally) to change my king size fitted sheets.
  • Besides the obvious back benefits of not lifting the queen mattress, my arthritic hands thank you too.
  • No more lifting a heavy mattress and wrenching my back while making the bed! 
  • And NO lower back issues
  • I can do it myself without killing my back!! 
  • No more back pain from the old style of fitted sheet!
  • I have a awful lower back issues and making the bed was my worst nightmare!
  • Now we can make our queen bed without straining muscles or twisting backs!

The term "Weekend warrior" comes to mind.... who knew it could apply to laundry day! 

The hospitality industry has also had to address the issue of workplace injuries from changing sheets. California OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) adopted a rule to help reduce injury from repeatedly lifting heavy mattresses, which often weigh over 100 lbs, to get the sheets in place.

Resources: Hotel housekeeping musculoskeletal injury prevention.

So to avoid exposing you to this risk, you need to avoid lifting the mattress, and zippable bedding is ideal. You can prevent injuries or health safety risks associated with changing bed sheets with Quickzip Sheets.

QuickZip Sheets zip off and on, so that once you put your sheet on the first time, you won't have to lift the mattress every time you change your sheets. That helps your back, your fingers and your stress level!

As a bonus, there is a huge bonus to having clean sheets more often. Imaging slipping into clean sheets every night, no more procrastinating and sleeping on sheets you know show have been changed.

What should you do next?

Click the link to see and understand how zip sheets work

Once you have finished watching the video, click here to view our starter packs and order a set based on your bedding size. 

To maintain maximum ease, make sure that you have enough zip sheets to change your bed at least once a week (keep 2-4 extra zip sheets on hand).

Consider getting sheets for all of the beds in your household - once you try it once, you’ll never go back!

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