4 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made From Old Sheets

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4 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made From Old Sheets

We get it. You had every intention to make the most awe-inspiring, handmade costume. But then life happened. And now Halloween is less than a week away! Do not fear - we have some last minute ideas for you! 

If you have some old sheets lying around (or recently bought QuickZip and find your old fitted sheets worthless) then you are all set. 



It's an oldie but a goodie! Don't underestimate the power of a classic.

1. Drape the middle of the sheet over your head.
2. Cut holes for your eyes. Important: don't poke your eyes out. 
3. Cut arm holes so you will have full candy grabbing arm motion.
4. Boom. You're a ghost. 




For such an easy costume it still makes a big impact!

1. Cut old your sheet into long strips.
2. Wrap strips all around your torso, arms, legs, and head and hot glue in place.
3. Leave eye and mouth uncovered. (Ya know, so you can see where the candy is and then eat said candy.)
4. All done! This ain't your mummy's halloween costume. 



Julius Caesar

Time to channel your inner college student, because it's a toga party! 

1. Wrap the sheet around your waist to make a floor length skirt. Safety pin in place.
2. Bring the rest of the sheet over one shoulder while twisting it.
3. Fancily drape any remaining  part of the sheet and pin in place. 
4. If you're feeling like an over achiever - spray paint some leaves gold and wear them as a crown. 



String Cheese

A little creativity and imagination is needed for this costume. We believe thinking outside the box is what all great costumes need. 

1. Wrap the sheet around your torso and glue or pin in place. 
2. Cut to knee length. 
3. Cut various strips starting from the bottom.
4. Now you have the cheesiest costume in the neighborhood. 

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