20 Perfect Housewarming Gifts to Make You The Favorite

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20 Perfect Housewarming Gifts to Make You The Favorite

Housewarming gift ideas

Moving into a new home is a major event.

A new space makes way for new habits, new routines, and a new environment. You might even say it’s transformative!

That's makes it the perfect time to give thoughtful and memorable housewarming gifts.

Whether you’re looking for something unique, fun, personalized or practical, we’ve put together the best list of housewarming gift ideas to truly impress. There’s something for every budget and personality here!

And, to make sure we’re giving you the best ideas possible, we even interviewed several professional organizers, Feng Shui experts, and home boutique store owners!

Here’s a quick index to find the exact gift you’re looking for:

Let’s dive in!

Practical Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to gift giving, you can never go wrong with something practical and useful.

Bedding & QuickZip Sheets

To kick things off, we have expert advice from Helena Alkhas, a professional organizer and blogger at apersonalorganizer.com.


“I always give bedding as the first gift for new homeowners; sheets, quilts, shams, full sets. I ADORE bedding.

Quality sleep is numero uno for me and I know a good night's sleep starts with a fresh, comfortable bed.”

QuickZip Sheets

It just so happens, our own Quickzip Sheets (pictured above) make excellent gifts for new homeowners! They’re practical, and people love them. Just ask Elaine!


Wondering how they work? Check out this 60-second video:

Bed sheets housewarming gifts

Natural, Toxin-Free Cleaning Products

Next up, we have some advice from Crystal Sixta, expert organizer and blogger at My Blissful Space:


“I strive to make my home as natural and toxin-free as possible and try to inspire others to do the same...the gift of health is priceless.

So I would give them a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner 14.4 fl.oz. by Young Living Essential Oils. It smells great, one bottle cleans virtually EVERYTHING, it's concentrated and lasts a long time, and it's a great first switch for detoxing the home.

Thieves Cleaner

A transition like moving is a great time to start new habits, and this gift would allow them to leave all their other cleaners behind...one less box to move!”

Spice Rack

If they love to cook, a spice rack is a welcome addition to any new home. My sister got me one for our housewarming party, and it’s used almost every day.

Plus, it was only $35, looks great, and gets free refills for a year!

Spice rack

The one above is the one she got me. It's the Kamenstein Warner 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Free Spice Refills for 5 Years.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Not for nothing, but some people are more traditional than others. This doesn’t mean your housewarming gift has to be boring, though!


We know what you’re thinking: “Candles? Seriously? How unoriginal!” But… candles are a really good gift to give at housewarming parties.

Scent therapy (also known as aromatherapy) is the practice of using natural oils to stimulate brain function and productivity. By lighting a candle, you’re also lighting up your brain and telling it to “Do more!”

Or, it’ll tell your brain to “Relax for a bit.” The outcome will result in the candle you give to your friends. I suggest giving the “Peace + Tranquility” candle to your friends and telling them to use it while they take a relaxing bath.

Chesapeake Bay Candle

Chesapeake Bay Candle Mind & Body Collection come in various shapes, scents, and colors. You’ll be able to pick a candle that best describes your friends while knowing their house will smell good all the time (at least, we hope)!

Wine Rack

If you’re looking for a traditional, yet fancy gift to give at a housewarming party, I suggest picking up a one-of-a-kind wine rack (as well as your friend’s favorite bottle of wine).

Wine is such a popular housewarming gift that it only makes sense to complement the wine bottles with a nice rack to sit them on!

Barrel Shaped Wine Rack

This TheopWine Barrel Shaped 6 Bottle Wine Rack will definitely be a huge hit. Better yet, it’s able to sit right on the floor! Easy access = excellent gift.


While this one may be a bit odd (and less traditional), I feel as though it should be a go-to gift to give at housewarming parties.

Everyone could use some extra batteries, especially when you first move into a new home and aren’t sure where your old ones are (that is if you didn’t accidentally throw them away while packing).

Deluxe battery pack

You don’t necessarily have to buy this fancy Battery Organizer Storage Case for your friends, but hey - it comes with every size battery they might need! Plus, this kit comes with a battery tester. Your friends will never again have batteries die randomly on them!

Housewarming Gift Ideas For Couples

It’s easy to pick out gifts for one person… but what do you get for a couple? Because their interests may differ, you might find yourself stumped.

Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered!

Bath & Body Spa Set

Nothing says “Welcome to your new home! Take a load off!” better than a spa set for your bathroom.

Coconut Bath Care Set

This particular set comes with bath salts, body butter, body scrub, and nearly everything else you could think of when it comes to pampering yourself after a long, stressful move.

Mr & Mrs. Cups

They say good things come in small packages. Lucky for you, that saying couldn’t be truer.

While Mr. and Mrs. cups may seem like a slightly boring gift, it’ll probably end up being their most usedgift. Plus, this set is unbreakable

Mr & Mrs. Cups

After all, everybody drinks! Who wouldn’t want to show off their personalized cups while having a glass of tea, water, or wine?

Memory Shadow Box

This is one of the most unique gifts you could give to your favorite couple at their housewarming party.

A shadow box is great for all occasions, looks good practically anywhere (table, wall, or counter), and can constantly be added to.

Shadow box

Whether you put your favorite picture of them into it, or give it to them to fill up alone, this gift will be a real success.

Plus, it’ll prompt them to think back on all the good times they’ve shared when they fill it!

Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Whether it’s a custom engraving, a unique design, or just their favorite color, a personalized gift is always special.

Gifts to Entertain

Our next expert is Taylor from Trend Addictions, a Women, Children, and Home Boutique Store:

“I would definitely go the more personalized route.

For someone that likes to entertain, I would give them a gift that can be used to do just that (i.e. marble cheese board, serving platter etc).

Mac 'n Cheese platter

You can also never go wrong with a basket full of nicer, more expensive cleaning products to keep their new home clean and organized.

The more personal the gift, the more meaningful the gesture.”

Personalized Key Rack

Not only is this a practical gift, it’s one that’ll steal the show! Because keys are usually left near the door, this is something that’ll be seen nearly every day (and night).

Personalized key rack

Never again will your friends misplace their keys! Get them a personalized key rack!

Personalized Name Coasters

Have you ever gone to somebody's house, had a cold drink in your hand, and nowhere to put it? At least, nowhere to safely put it?

Most people are a bit wary about placing cold drinks on a table without a coaster (in fear of those ugly circular streaks).

Take that small fear away with these personalized name coasters!

Personalized coasters

With this set, you’re able to personalize every little detail, right down to the date.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts are the most unique. At the very least, you’ll be remembered by it!

Feng Shui Consultation

I thought this idea was so cool. After all, what better time to set up the home for energy, balance, and relaxation than right after moving in?

The idea was recommended to us by Feng Shui expert Marlyna Los:


“The #1 gift I would give a new homeowner is a Feng Shui consultation. After that, a beautiful  orchid.”

Speaking of Feng Shui and orchids, why not dive into a little color psychology? The color of the orchid you buy has different effects on you.

For example, green represents health and longevity, making it excellent for the living room or bedroom, while yellow stands for joy and new beginnings, making it a great new home gift idea.


Bed Fan

Continuing with the unique gift ideas, this bed fan by Brookstone will help your giftee sleep cool in the night. And they’re sure to remember you for it!

It’s great for people in a hot area, especially in the south, to save on cooling costs too!

Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel

I saw this whiskey barrel and couldn’t resist adding it. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t mind getting!

Oak Whiskey Barrel

If your friend or family member is into vintage or custom woodwork, this would make an awesome addition to their new home.

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Whether you’re the practical joker in your friends group or not, showing up with a hilarious housewarming gift is always fun. The best part? Your gift doesn’t have to be crude to be considered funny!

“Nice Underwear!” Doormat

Picture this: You show up to your friends housewarming party in a proper, well-dressed outfit. When the time comes to hand them your gift, they open it, and start laughing uncontrollably. When they show it off, everyone reads it, and immediately looks down…

Nice underwear doormat

Why? Because, you made them question whether or not they were wearing pants, of course! This hilarious doormat will be a hit every time somebody comes to visit. They’ll always get that pit in their stomach as they briefly panic to make sure they are, indeed, wearing pants.

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

This gift might cause a bit of trouble in the near future, but hey, all’s fair in love and… ice cream?

Ice cream lock

You see, some people seem to think that a pint of ice cream is meant to be shared. With this truly amazing ice cream lock, your friends will sleep better knowing that no one is eating their ice cream anymore. Where has this been my entire life?!

Marshmallow and Hotdog Roasters

As I said before, you don’t need to find a crude housewarming gift in order to for it to be funny. But on the off chance you dowant to take the crude route…

Hot dog cooker

You could always pick your friends up some homemade marshmallow and hot dog roasters!

These items are totally customizable and are sure to get a few laughs. Though, I don’t suggest giving a gift like this to your friends with their grandmother around (unless she’s a bit of a jokester herself)!

Housewarming Gift Ideas For Men

Sometimes men can be harder to buy gifts for than women. Most women love everything categorized as a “housewarming gift”. But guys can be harder to buy for.

Check out these ideas:

Chilling Whiskey Rocks

The days of using ice to chill your alcoholic beverages are officially over! I present to you… chilling whiskey rocks!

These rocks are eco-friendly and have been said to enhance the overall drinking experience. Plus, they’d look pretty dang cool in a cup and wouldn’t water your drink down.

Chilling whiskey rocks

Before you ask, yes. These rocks can be used in more than just whiskey! Though, I don’t recommend throwing them in your soda cup. I’d stick strictly to alcoholic beverages when using these.

Grooming Kit

Moving can be awfully stressful. The packing, the unpacking, the lengthy drives… You often find yourself wondering when you’ll be able to have some “Me” time next.

This fantastic gift will prompt the man of the house to take his “Me” time sooner, rather than later.

Thrive grooming kit

This grooming kit comes with face wash, an energizing face scrub, shave oil, and face balm. You're also able to get a refund on this product if you're not a fan!

Beer Bottle Opener

In my opinion, every man should have a man cave. Somewhere they can go to relax after a long day at work, kick their feet up, and have a nice cold beer.

Which is why this awesome Beer Bottle Openeris such a great housewarming gift for any man.

Beer bottle opener

Twisting caps off is a thing of the past (as well as regular bottle openers). You’re even able to store some beer caps on the top of this wall mounted opener!

Housewarming Gift Etiquette

By now, you should have a general understanding on what gifts to bring to a housewarming party. Though, you shouldn’t feel the slightest bit pressured to go out and purchase a gift. It’s not mandatory, after all!

Amy Ranae, the owner of Brick & Banister, says:


"While I don’t always feel a housewarming gift is necessary, I think it’s fun to do, especially when the buyers are first timers or going through a major life event like getting married, having a baby, or relocating from far away.

Here are a few of my favorite gifts:

Custom painted wooden signs. I have a local artisan I hire to make signs for my buyers. Everyone LOVES them!

While we are shopping for houses and getting to know each other, I make a note of things that are special about the buyer and then ask my artisan to make me a sign especially for them. Things like “Our First House” with their names included or “Welcome to the Lake”. Sometimes a simple “Home Sweet Home” or state icons are fitting.

Fixer Upper Kits. For first time home buyers and/or people who buy fixer uppers I love getting gift cards to home improvement stores or putting together little kits: a putty knife and container of sheetrock mud for patching holes, or a tube of caulk with a caulk gun and scraper for caulking tubs or windows.

Moving Day Survival Kit. Moving is kind of a huge pain and sometimes essentials are forgotten. A box full of paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, and snacks can go a long way towards making the big move successful."

If buying gifts aren’t your thing, you can always opt-in to baking something. Cookies, for example, will go over extremely well at a housewarming party (though we can’t say they’ll last long)!

If you do decide to purchase a gift, don’t feel like you’re being cheap if you don’t spend more than $10. It’s the thought that counts, not the price tag!"

Still at a loss? That’s okay - some people have trouble finding the perfect gift for their friends, no matter how many suggestions they get. If this is the case, gift cards are a great option. This way, your friends can pick up whatever they’d like and you’ll feel good knowing you were able to contribute to their new home.

What housewarming gifts have you purchased in the past? Leave a comment below! Be sure to share this article with your friends if you’ve found it helpful, too!

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