How often should you change your pillowcase?

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How often should you change your pillowcase

Spring Post II: Springtime weather in Colorado has us thinking of cleaning up, airing out the house and freshening up the wardrobe!

Don't forget your bed in that list. With QuickZip it just takes a new Zip-On and some fresh pillowcases to give you complete calm and relaxation you deserve when you finally fall into bed - so please allow us, just once a year, to remind you how great you'll feel on a set of brand new, luxurious, pillowcases.

A lot can be happening on your pillow that you can't see! 

Take our quiz to see how frequently you should change your pillowcase. 

Count the number of statements below that are true for you to get your score.

I have allergies

Dust mites can accumulate causing allergies to act up or get worse.

I'm prone to acne

Residue left on your pillowcase can contribute to clogged pores and acne.

I have oily skin

If your natural oils are a bit overzealous they could quickly add up on your pillowcase.

My pet sleeps on my bed

Your precious fur baby could be adding dander, dust, and hair to your pillow.

Dog sleeps on bed

I sometime go to be with makeup on

Makeup rubs off during the night contributing to a dirty pillowcase.

I wear lotion or face cream

Another culprit for clogged pores could be sleeping on the residue of your skin products. 

I use hair products

Conditioners, mousse, gel, and other hair products all end up on your pillowcase after a night of sleep.

I have sensitive skin.

You may be more likely to experience side effects of a dirty pillow.

My pillowcase is made of synthetic fibers (rayon, polyester).

These fibers do not let your skin breathe and can cause sweat retention which clogs pores.

I use dryer sheets or fabric softener.

These items contain oily, non-water dissolvable ingredients such as fragrances, emulsifiers, colors, and preservatives. Even the small amount of residue left behind by these ingredients can cause issues when combined with other items spreading onto your pillowcase. 

Wash bedsheets

I tend to sweat at night

Everyone naturally sweats but some of us are just sweaty sleepers. The more sweat that occurs, the more moisture left behind which is ideal for dust mites and other unsavory visitors.

I go to bed with wet hair

Adding moisture to your pillowcase welcomes dust mites, mold, and bacteria. Bleh! 

I dust and sweep my bedroom infrequently

Dust mites thrive on dead skin and bacteria making your pillowcase a desirable homestead. While dust mites will always be a fact of life, frequent cleaning can help keep them to a minimum.

I have high thread count sheets

Tight threading is less breathable and allows very little oxygen to pass through your pillow. This can cause more sweat as well as creating a shelf for oils, dead skin, and dander.

I eat in bed

Enjoying a treat in bed is not a crime, but crumbs can be yet another thing ending up on your pillowcase adding to your unhappy skin. 

Eating in bed

Before you feel any stress anticipating your score - remember - We are all there with you. And EVERY ONE IS A WINNER at QuickZip. We are standing by to ship your fresh, soft, comfy Luxe pillowcases right to your door!

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SCORE 1-4:

Your pillowcase may not cause you any issues but you can't stop nature! Everyone's sheets, no matter a person's cleanliness, will still get dirty. Make sure to change your pillowcase every 7-10 days

SCORE 5-10:

Your in the boat with most of us! (Who doesn't at least use conditioner and lotion??). A fresh pillowcase is easy to pop on, so change it every 3-6 days.

SCORE 11-15:

It's quite possible your pillow and your skin are anything but BFF's. Changing your pillowcase frequently can only help you and your skin. It may seem like an annoyance at first but create a stockpile of pillowcases and soon changing it will be part of your daily routine. Change every 1-2 days. 

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