5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sheets

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5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Sheets

Experts recommend buying new sheets every year or two, but is that right for you?  How often you should buy new sheets depends on a lot of factors from the personal to the environmental.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The life of a sheet –

  • We spend 6-7 hours a night (and more on the weekends) on our sheets
    • 63% sleep with a partner
    • 15% sleep with a pet, and
    • 8% with children.
  • We also do other things in our bedroom and on our beds - 71% have a TV in the bedroom, 72% a phone, and 39% a laptop (plus a good number have e-readers, gaming systems, etc.)
  • 40% of us toss and turn on our sheets at least a few nights a week and a quarter of us complain that our partners do, and  .
  • We wash our sheets weekly (or try to) in hot water and dry them to a crisp

So sheets take a beating!  Then we wash them and put them right back on for another round, like your favorite jeans. So it's not a surprise that after a year or two on the job (which equates to 5000 hours or more!) your sheets may be a little tired, they may even start showing some wear or discoloration.  But there is hope - here are a few techniques to keep them fresh feeling as long as possible:


  • Check the tags for specific care instructions
  • For most cotton sheets:
    • Wash and dry at moderate temperatures (not the hottest)
      • Heat can break down fibers and high dryer temperatures can shrink them
    • For stains and spots, use only non-chlorine or oxidizer bleach, and test on colors first.  Chlorine bleaches can damage many linens.  
  • Beware of lotions -some contain oxidizing components that bleach or stain sheets.
  • Thread count does not predict durability, in fact some more expensive, higher thread count sheets will wear more quickly.

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And here’s some incentive:  86% of adults rated a comfortable feel of sheets as important for getting a good night’s sleep, and three quarters rated the feel of their sheets as the most important criteria for creating a romantic environment.   

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(Survey data: National Sleep Foundation)

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