How Much Do Different Mattresses Weigh?

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How Much Do Different Mattresses Weigh?

“Help, my mattress is way too heavy!” 

If you’ve ever tried bringing a new mattress into your home, or if you’ve moved from one place to another with a mattress in tow, you know that they’re not the easiest things to lift. On average, you can expect your mattress to weigh anywhere between 50 to 150 pounds! When you’re lifting something as large and unwieldy as a mattress, this can definitely become a problem. It can also become a real challenge when you’re trying to get it clean come laundry day. 

Let’s take a look at the average weights of some of the most popular mattresses today so that you know what to expect the next time you need to move it, flip it, or clean it. 

Weights of some of the most popular mattresses

The following list of popular mattresses includes the average weights for each different bed size based on their manufacturer’s websites. Please note that mattress weights may vary slightly based on their specific models. Make sure to check the specific description of the mattress style you are interested in for the most accurate information. 

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress 

  • Twin: 53 lbs 
  • Twin XL: 57 lbs 
  • Full: 76 lbs 
  • Queen: 91 lbs 
  • King: 112 lbs 
  • California King: 114 lbs 

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud

  • Twin: 39 lbs 
  • TwinLong: 42 lbs 
  • Full: 56 lbs 
  • Queen: 57 lbs 
  • King: 85 lbs 
  • CA King: 85 lbs 

Purple Mattress

  • Twin: 65 lbs 
  • Twin XL: 70 lbs 
  • Full: 81 lbs 
  • Queen: 110 lbs 
  • King: 140 lbs 
  • Split King: (2) 70 lbs each 
  • Cal King: 140 lbs 

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

  • Twin: 39 lbs 
  • Twin XL: 42 lbs 
  • Full: 54 lbs 
  • Queen: 66 lbs 
  • King: 83 lbs 
  • Split King: 84 lbs total 
  • Cal King: 84 lbs 

Saatva Classic

  • Twin: 90 -100 lbs 
  • Twin XL: 95-105 lbs 
  • Full: 100-110 lbs 
  • Queen: 110-120 lbs 
  • King: 130 lbs 
  • Cal King: 145 lbs 

Avocado Green Mattress (Standard) 

  • Twin:76 lbs 
  • XL Twin: 82 lbs 
  • Full: 108 lbs 
  • Queen: 114 lbs 
  • King: 134 lbs 
  • California King: 158 lbs 

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

  • Twin: 76 lbs 
  • Twin XL: 81 lbs 
  • Full: 103 lbs 
  • Queen: 120.5 lbs 
  • King: 149 lbs 
  • Cal King: 146 lbs 
  • Split King: 162 lbs 

Factors that influence your mattress weight


The first factor that can influence the weight of your mattress is how big it is!

 Because bigger mattresses require more materials and surface area than smaller options, a larger mattress is generally going to weigh more when you compare similar mattresses that are made with the same general materials. For example, a twin-sized bed, which usually measures about 38 by 75 inches, is likely going to be much lighter than a king-sized mattress of the same brand that measures 80 by 76 inches. 

The depth of your mattress can also make a big difference in how heavy it is. Some mattresses have additional pillow tops or are made thicker than the standard, which can add on some additional pounds. 


In addition to the size itself, it’s also important to consider the material that your mattress is made of to estimate how heavy it’s going to be. 

Mattresses are most commonly made of either: 

  • Memory foam 
  • Inner springs 
  • Latex 

Hybrid mattresses are also a popular choice and are made with a combination of inner springs and memory foam. 

Memory foam mattresses tend to be the lightest option and latex mattresses are usually the heaviest, with innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses falling somewhere in between. However, there can also be a ton of variation among the same type of mattresses. For example, memory foam can come in different densities, and the denser mattresses are naturally going to be heavier. 

Why your mattress weight matters

If you’ve ever struggled to get a heavy mattress into your home, you know exactly how big of a deal your mattress weight can be! 

Heavy mattresses can be challenging to lift and maneuver, especially since they are such large objects that don’t offer much in the way of handholds. Moving a mattress safely almost always requires at least two people, but it can present still be an enormous challenge when you’re trying to navigate up stairs and around tight corners. 

Another major reason that you should consider your mattress’s weight is that it can directly influence your ability to clean and maintain it. Because they are so dense, heavy mattresses can be obstacles in and of themselves when you’re trying to change the sheets. It also makes it harder to do things like flipping or rotating the mattress to keep the wear even.

How to make changing your sheets easier no matter how heavy your mattress is

A common complaint that we hear from customers is that their mattresses are too large and heavy to comfortably put regular fitted sheets on. We’ve even heard that customers who buy matching sheets from the same brand as their mattress still have trouble getting everything to fit! 

The problem: classic fitted sheets can be extremely hard to get into place even if your mattress is on the lighter end …. so if you’re dealing with a mattress that you can barely lift on your own, it can make changing your sheets a huge struggle. 

Enter: QuickZip Fitted Sheet System! This innovative sheet system is made with two parts: a base that wraps snuggly around your mattress and a Zip Sheet that you can zip on and off with ease. Once you get it onto your mattress for the first time, it makes changing your sheets a breeze. All you have to do is unzip your Zip Sheet from the fitted base, run it through a laundry cycle, then easily zip it back on. No more wrestling or recruiting the entire family to help you lift up the mattress just to have clean sheets! 


No matter what size your mattress is, putting fitted sheets on can be a struggle. When you’re dealing with an enormous or dense mattress that weighs in at over a hundred pounds, the problem only gets worse. By investing in the QuickZip Fitted Sheet System, you’ll be making your life easier no matter how heavy your mattress happens to be! 

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