The Best Bed Sheets For Dog Owners: (Plus How To Keep Your Bed Clean and Dog Hair-Free)

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Best Bed Sheets For Dog Hair

As any dog lover will tell you, there are few things in life that are quite as sweet as having a dog as a pet. These furry friends love you and want to be by your side at all times, which makes for a life of joy, laughter, and unconditional love. It’s no wonder that so many of us have such close bonds with our pets — to the point that some of us even let them sleep in the same bed! 

But let’s get real: all that love you have for your furry best friend can quickly turn into irritation and annoyance when you climb into bed at the end of a long day and realize that it’s covered with dog hair. 

Let’s talk about the best sheets and other bedding to buy when you have a dog or other furry pets, plus how you can maintain those sheets for the long run. 

What To Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets For Dog Hair 

If you have a furry pet in your home (and especially if you let them sleep in the same bed as you), it’s important to invest in quality bedding that can withstand it all. 

Material and weave 

The first and most important factor to consider when shopping for bed sheets as an owner is the kind of fabric and weave you’ll be selecting. 

Natural fabrics like cotton are generally good choices for repelling dog hair. However, you also need to consider the weave of your bed sheet material. Looser weaves can trap dog hair, while tighter weaves can more easily repel it. Stick with high-thread cotton sheets in weaves like Sateen, which are smooth and silky but still breathable and moisture-wicking (unlike actual silk sheets, which are infamously prone to clinging and subsequent sweating). 

Microfiber is also a decent choice when it comes to repelling dog hair since it is so tightly woven. Unfortunately, microfiber is also very absorbent, which means that its also more prone to issues with moisture control. It also tends to stain more easily than cotton, which can be a big downside when you have a dog or two in your home. Other synthetic fabrics like polyester are also more likely to generate static electricity, which means that dog hair is more apt to cling. 


No matter how well you keep up with your laundry and dusting, it’s almost inevitable that some fur will end up on your bed. So when it comes to dog hair, the color of your sheets is not just an aesthetic choice! Take into account the color of your dog’s fur and gauge how well they would show up on your sheets and other fabrics. For example: 

  • If you have a black dog, you might not want to invest in crisp white sheets
  • If your dog has white hair, it might show up worse on darker black or navy sheets 


It’s important to wash your sheets frequently to keep your bed clean and hygienic, but it’s even more so if you have pets in the home (and especially if you let them sleep with you). While the standard recommendation is to wash your sheets at least once a week, some experts recommend that you should wash them every 3-4 days when you have pets.

Because your sheets will go through frequent washings, you should consider investing in high-quality sheets that are durable enough to stand up to cleaning. Again, high-quality 100% cotton sheets are a great choice here: unlike blended fibers, long-staple cotton is more resistant to pilling than cheaper options that are made with fabrics that rip and tangle after a couple of washes. 

Optional: Hypoallergenic

This is more of a personal preference, but you might want to consider hypoallergenic sheets if you have pets and suspect that they are contributing to allergic reactions. These kinds of sheets are more resistant to collecting pet dander, spores, and dust that may be in your home. Hypoallergenic sheets are often antibacterial as well, which is also a plus when it comes to pet ownership. 

The Best Bed Sheets For Dog Owners

For the best fitted sheets for pet owners, stick with QuickZip’s Fitted Sheets

These luxurious sheets are made with long-staple, high-thread count 100% cotton to minimize pet hair while also making your bed a soft and comfy haven for you (and maybe your pet) to retreat to after a long day. Sateen is an especially good choice for resisting pet hair since it has less texture than other weaves, but any sheet with tightly woven long-staple cotton can be a good choice here. 

The best part is that QuickZip’s fitted sheets are designed with an innovative two-part system that makes it easier than ever before to change your sheets out. All you need to do is zip off the removable Zip Sheet and throw it into your wash — no more wrestling required. It’s an excellent system for all of those frequent washings you’ll need to keep your sheets comfortable and pristine. 

Pro Tips: Caring and Maintaining your bed sheets when you have pets 

Of course, pet hair issues don’t stop completely even if you invest in high-quality bed sheets, so read on for some tips on how to approach laundry day to minimize pet hair and extend the life of your sheets and bedding. 

Remove as much pet hair as you can before washing. 

Rather than throwing your sheets, bedding, and other laundry directly into the wash, it’s a good idea to take the initial step of getting rid of as much hair as you can first. Shake your sheets out or use a lint roller to get rid of the majority of the loose hairs and prevent them from sticking after they get wet. 

Some people also go the extra mile of doing a three-step laundry routine: before throwing your sheets into the washer, put them through the dryer cycle without any heat. This can help trap the majority of the hair in the drying machine’s lint trap first, which means less hair in your wash. 

Use dryer balls or dryer sheets. 

When it comes to pet hair, static electricity is the enemy. It generates when fabrics are rubbing against each other (for example, when they are tumbling around in the dryer). As a result, static electricity can cause hair and fur to cling onto your sheets and other laundry. So when you’re ready to dry your sheets, make sure to use dryer sheets or dryer balls. These products are specially designed to reduce static electricity that generates while your laundry is going through your dryer cycle so that you can get rid of as much hair as possible. 

Use laundry products specifically meant for pet owners. 

Pet hair is a common problem, which is why your favorite laundry product brand probably has a good solution for your needs. Find laundry detergents that specify that they are made for pet households since they likely have enzymes that can break down pet-specific dirt and dander. 

On a similar note, you might also benefit from avoiding fabric softeners. These products can actually contribute to your hair problem since they can make your sheets more clingy, making them harder to get rid of later.

Get into a regular fur-elimination cleaning routine. 

Finally, it’s a good idea to get rid of fur as much as you can before it reaches your sheets and other bedding. Find a routine that works for you all year long, and pay special attention to it during the spring and summer months when your furry best friend is likely shedding the most. Some key habits for getting rid of pet hair in the home include: 

  • Grooming your pet(s) regularly to catch loose hair before they have a chance to shake it off and spread it around the house
  • Vacuuming frequently to catch the hair on your floors and carpets that can eventually make its way to your bed 
  • Dusting frequently to trap hairs around the house 


Having a dog or two in the house can make your life brighter, but it can also present an issue when your furry friend starts shedding. By investing in high-quality 100% cotton sheets and maintaining them with frequent washing, both you and your pooch can stay happy and comfortable. 

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