The Best Bed Sheets For People with Paraplegia: A Guide For Accessibility and Comfort

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best bedsheets for paraplegics

If you want a great night’s sleep, soft and comfortable bed sheets are a must. But if you are a person with paraplegia or are otherwise disabled and have limited movement, it’s even more crucial to invest in high-quality and accessible bedding so that you can stay comfortable all day and night. Let’s go over some of the bed sheets for people with paraplegia and other disabilities that lead to limited movement, plus some important considerations to keep in mind as you’re shopping.

Why high-quality bed sheets matter for people with paraplegia 

Because people with paraplegia have limited movement, having a comfortable and accessible bed is often one of the most important needs they have to maintain a high quality of life. In addition, people with spinal cord injuries tend to report more issues with sleep disturbances like sleep apnea, pain, and insomnia than other populations, which makes it even more important to have a comfortable bed that supports your sleep quality without adding to your discomfort. 

Fitted bed sheets can be notoriously hard to put on your bed because of their elastic corners. They can also present issues when it comes to changing and folding them on laundry days. So the best bed sheets for paraplegics should have accessibility features like zippers that make it easier to adjust. 

It’s also important to note that good-quality bed sheets can make a big difference in your comfort levels if you spend a lot of time in bed. Investing in good sheets that wick moisture away from your body and minimize friction can keep you comfortable even for long periods of time. It’s also important for preventing bed sores (also known as pressure sores), which can occur from the pressure, friction, and moisture that you might experience if spend a lot of time in bed with limited movement. 

The best bed sheets for people with disabilities: QuickZip Fitted Sheets

QuickZip Fitted Sheets are the best option for premium, accessible, and easy-to-manage bed sheets, thanks in large part to its innovative zip-on design that eliminates the struggle and wrestling that usually comes with installing bed sheets. 

QuickZip’s Fitted Sheets come with two separate parts: a secure base that wraps around your mattress and a zip sheet that easily zips on and off. Once you install this revolutionary sheet system onto your mattress once, you can easily zip the sheets on and off to make bed changes as easy and seamless as possible! You can also buy as many extra Zip Sheets as you need so that you always have a store of fresh, clean sheets on hand. Even better, QuickZip’s fitted sheets come in a huge variety of sizes, making them a perfect fit even if you’re sleeping on a specialty bed. 

Finally, QuickZip’s Fitted Sheets are made with 100% long-staple cotton in three deliciously comfortable weaves: Sateen, Percale, and Flannel. In other words, you get all the luxurious comfort of luxury sheets along with the ease and accessibility of QuickZip’s specialty design. It’s a no-nonsense solution for virtually any type of bed and every kind of sleeper, but it’s an especially good choice for increasing your quality of life and independence. 

Key considerations while shopping for bedding for people with paraplegia and other disabilities that lead to limited movement

Because someone with paraplegia will generally have different needs than people without disabilities, there are some important things to keep in mind while shopping for bed sheets and other bedding. 


Comfort and breathability are two of the most important considerations to keep in mind while shopping for bed sheets as a person with paraplegia or other disabilities that cause limited movement. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time in bed — you want your bedding (and especially your bed sheets) to be breathable and appropriate for the temperature. It should also be soft to prevent any irritation, sores, or rashes, especially if you already have sensitive skin to begin with. 

Natural materials like cotton are a great option here. Cotton is light and breathable, and it also wicks moisture away from the body to keep your skin cool and dry. Meanwhile, other synthetic materials or blends like polyester or polycotton can be irritating and scratchy, especially after they’ve gone through a couple of rounds in your washing and drying machines. 

For the softest and most comfortable option, look for 100% cotton sheets. To ensure that you’re getting the softest options, look for a high thread count and stick with weaves like Sateen, Percale, or Flannel. You should also select “long-staple” or “long-thread” options. These are woven with longer individual threads of cotton, which means that they’re less likely to rip, tangle, and pill after a couple of washes. 


Besides the material itself, it’s also important to make sure that the sheets you choose will properly fit your mattress of choice. This is especially true if you’re using a thicker mattress or have a mattress pad added for extra comfort, since these can make the mattress much deeper than standard and change the fit. 

While measuring the bed, make sure to account for the length, width and height, of your mattress. Then look at the sizing on the sheets of your choice to ensure that your fitted sheets and top sheets are large enough to accommodate all the measurements. (If you’re considering using QuickZip Fitted Sheets, click here to check our Size Chart). 

Accessibility Features 

Accessibility is another crucial piece of the puzzle while shopping for sheets and other bedding. Look for accessible-friendly options like quick zipper closures for easy sheet changes and pillowcases/duvet covers with easy-access openings. This can make washing and changes your sheets a more seamless transition. 


There are few things as uncomfortable and frustrating as bed sheets that constantly escape from the corners of your mattress. This can lead to slipping and bunching, which can be hard to fix especially if you have limited movement. To avoid this, look for non-slip and secure bed sheet options that can keep the sheets in their place and avoid any unnecessary wrestling. 


Finally, you should also invest in sheets that are durable so that they can stand up to frequent washings (and as a general rule, you should wash your sheets at least once a week to kill any bacteria or viruses that may be lurking). Again, high-quality cotton is a great choice here. 

Pro tips: To keep your sheets soft and comfy for as long as possible, use gentle detergent and dry sheets on low heat. This can help keep the fibers in your sheets safe from breaking and tangling. 


When it comes to paraplegia and other disabilities, having a comfortable bed is a necessity. Invest in sheets that are equal parts luxurious comfort and accessible for the best results. 

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