The Best Colors For Your Bed Sheets

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Best Colors For Your Bed Sheets

Your bed takes up a ton of prime real estate in your bedroom, which means that the way you choose to dress it makes a big statement. But while you’re choosing the perfect covers, pillowcases, blankets, and throws to perfectly accent your room, don’t forget about the very basics: your sheets! The right sheet color can add depth to the rest of your decor and subtly set the mood whether you’re going for light and crisp or detailed and intricate. 

Read on for tips on choosing the best sheet colors for your bedroom’s needs! 

Things to consider when choosing your sheets

What theme are you going for with your bedroom?

Your bed is probably going to be the central focus as soon as you walk into your room, so you’ll want to make sure that the sheets and covers match the overall vibe of the room. For example, if you’re going for modern and minimalistic, you can stick with whites and grays, while a more colorful and bold room can benefit from pops of bold greens, reds, and blues tucked away beneath the covers. 

What color are your walls?

If your walls are plain white, or another neutral color like tan or cream, you can probably get away with virtually any color you want on your sheets. On the other hand, bright, vibrant walls may clash with incongruous sheet colors. 

Do you want a pattern?

While plain, solid-colored sheets are among the most popular options, don’t underestimate the power of patterns! Patterned sheets are a great subtle way to add a pop of personality, even if the rest of your decorations are more subdued.

How low-maintenance do you want your bedding to be?

If you’re someone who eats in bed, for example, you might not want white sheets that stain easily unless you’re okay with bleaching them frequently. Otherwise, you might want to stick with darker colors instead. 

    The Best Bed Sheet Colors

    Best Universal Sheet Color: White

    There’s something super-classic about a white bed sheet. It’s crisp, clean, and it goes together seamlessly with virtually any color palette. You also don’t have to worry about fading after multiple washes since you’re already working with a blank canvas, which is part of what makes white sheets so popular in hotels! Pair with a crisp, cool fabric like our Percale Cotton Sheetsand get ready to sink into a blissful slumber. 

    A close runner-up is ivory, which has all the appeal of white but in a subtly off-white finish so it’s not quite as “sanitary”. Ivory goes especially well with other neutral colors like beige for a simple but elegant decorating scheme. 

    Best Warm Neutral: Sand 

    These beige-tone sheets are a subtle way to add some nature-inspired warmth to your bedroom and go especially great with a warmer color palette with plenty of browns, oranges, and golds. The best part? They also have a similar “blank canvas” feel as white sheets, so you can use them with a variety of color schemes even if you aren’t a fan of pure white, but there’s something a little more subtly cozy about this neutral shade. 

    Best Cool-Toned Neutral: Gray 

    On the other hand, your cooler-toned rooms could benefit from using gray sheets as your bed’s foundation. They’re a little more modern and contemporary than plain white sheets and add a hint of cool color that vibes very well with many other blues, purples, greens, and neutrals. We especially love pairing this edgier hue with cool, sleek Sateen Cotton for an extra burst of modern luxury to any room.

    Best Bold: Navy

    If bold color is more your style, you can’t go wrong with navy! This dark-hued blue demands attention but isn’t so loud that it brings the attention away from the rest of your decor choices. To avoid overwhelming the eye with too much darkness concentrated in just one area, accessorize your navy sheets with lighter covers, blankets, and pillows in crisp whites and soft grays. You might also choose other lighter-colored bedding that features subtle pops of dark blue to tie everything together.

    Best Calming Color: Sage

    Peaceful, calming sage is definitely enjoying its time in the color trend spotlight lately, and for good reason! This pleasant light green hue is an excellent choice for nature lovers and for people who want to make their room a peaceful and relaxing haven. We love green sheets paired with a house plant or two to really play up the nature-inspired vibes. 

    Best Pattern: Pinstripes

    If you want to add a little bit of interest to your sheets without going overboard, you can’t go wrong with pinstripes in subdued colors like gray against white! They’re a great way to add visual appeal to your sheets, but they’re classic enough that they’ll still go well with most other decors. We recommend keeping it simple and sticking with solids for the other pieces on your bed so that they don’t end up clashing. 

    Most Fun Sheet Color: Terracotta 

    Your boho-inspired bedroom will really pop with the addition of terracotta sheets. This reddish-orange hue is inspired by earth and goes really well with warmer color schemes. Pro tip: if you’re going to go with a bold color like terracotta, keep the rest of your decor fairly minimal to avoid overwhelming the eye. Pairing it with a color scheme featuring off-white, brown, white, and a pop of green in a variety of textures can turn your bedroom into a dessert-inspired oasis that vibes well with maximalist aesthetics. 


    Choosing the right sheets for your bedroom might seem like a simple enough exercise in decision-making, but there are many different things to consider, not least of which is their color! Playing around with colors is a great way to subtly make a statement and accentuate the overall theme of your room. Whether you choose a congruous color scheme or change it up with bold pops of color, QuickZip has the right fitted sheet for you.

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