Why QuickZip Fits Better Than Any Other Sheet

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Why QuickZip Fits Better Than Any Other Sheet

Contributor: Ashley Caston

No matter how you sleep, the QuickZip sheet has everything you want. This Denver startup has created a sheet that fits everyone’s needs: a 2-piece fitted sheet that is easy to fold, quick to change, and won’t pop off your mattress.  Great design=Great comfort


  1. You Will Change Your Sheets with Complete Ease

The QuickZip Sheet’s fitted base sheet wraps around the 4 sides of the mattress. Once installed, the base will remain snug around the sides of the mattress and NEVER need to be removed (but can be easily removed and replaced for occasional cleaning). The zip-on sheet (the part that you sleep on) then quickly zips on and off for easy changing. What’s more, the extremely durable, high-quality zipper and attached zipper pull with loop makes it easy to zip your sheet on and off in seconds. Each QuickZip Sheet has a logo on the base and a logo on the top zip-on sheet so you can quickly match up the ends of the zipper and know which way to orient the sheet. 

  1. Your Sheets Will NOT Pop Off the Corners of Your Bed

 QuickZip Sheets are preshrunk, and the base is not removed regularly so it won’t get stretched out. The fitted base sheet is engineered with sturdy elastic on the sides and corners and a generous overlap underneath to fit all different shapes of mattresses. As a result of having a thick mattress pad on top of my queen mattress at home, I’ve struggled with my sheet popping off my mattress. However, since I’ve been using the QuickZip sheet, I’ve never had a sheet that fits my bed better. 

  1. Easy to Fold & Store

The zip-on sheet is flat without elastic, making it easy to fold and taking up minimal space once stored. Perfect for keeping your closet neat and creating more space for your personal belongings. 

  1. Fresh, Gorgeous, Premium Sheets

 The QuickZip's Adult Luxe Collection lives up to it's name. Made of 400 thread count, rich sateen cotton, these sheets are divine. Getting out of bed has never been more difficult every time I cozy up in my ultra-soft, sateen sheets.  

  1. Customer Service & Return Policy 

QuickZip Sheet offers beautiful, free gift wrapping and a charming hand-written note with each purchase, Shipping returns within 30 days and giftwrap are all free.   Their products also include a 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can simply arrange a free return within 30 days. 

Try it. Love it. Or your money back.


Ashley Caston:

Millennial, Quick Zip Tester and Sleeper

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