Queen Size Sheet Dimensions

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Queen Size Sheet Dimensions

There’s no worse feeling than realizing you bought the wrong size sheets for your bed. With bed sizes ranging all the way from twins to fulls, and queens to California kings, it’s hard to keep track of what size you should be looking for. 

Queen Sheet Dimensions

Let’s dive right into it — the queen is the most common bed size in North America, so it’s important to know how big your sheets should be before you end up with ones that are too big or too small. The dimensions in inches of queen size mattresses are 60 in x 80 in - fitted sheet sheet dimensions are 60x80 inches QuickZip fitted sheets fit a mattress up to 16 in thick. QuickZip flat sheets are 96 x 105 in. QuickZip Queen size sheet dimensions in cms are 244 x 267 cm for the flat sheet, and 152 cm x 203 cm x 38 cm for the fitted sheet.

RV queens, also known as “short queens,” are slightly shorter, measuring at 60x75 inches.

Olympic queens, are slightly wider than traditional queen size mattresses, at 66x80 inches. That’s six extra inches of sleeping space (or three inches each for you and your partner).

Here’s a table to simplify those numbers for you:

Type of Queen Bed

Dimensions (in inches)

Queen (standard)

60 x 80”

RV/Short Queen

60 x 75”

Olympic Queen

66 x 80”


Fitted Sheets Won’t Always Fit

Even if you get queen size sheets for your queen bed, you might discover that the fitted sheet doesn’t fit. This can occur when your mattress thickness doesn’t pair well with the sheet you have. A sheet that is too deep for your mattress may bunch up around the sides. On the contrary, a sheet that is not deep enough won’t tuck under the mattress fully and may pop off.

So how do you avoid this problem? With our signature QuickZip Zip Sheet, you can be sure that your sheets will fit and eliminate the hassle of putting on a fitted sheet. You only need to put the base (which hugs the sides of a mattress up to 16”) on one time, and from there it’s just a matter of zipping on and off the zip sheet. The base of the zip sheet flexes to fit your mattress so it won’t pop off, and sturdy elastic around the underside opening keeps it extra secure.

Have a bed that’s not queen size? See here for our guide to sheet sizes from crib to California King (including RV and dorm sizes!)

Next time you decide to invest in a new pair of sheets, make sure to refer to this helpful guide to ensure you’re buying the right size. There’s almost nothing more important than getting a good night’s sleep, and having ill-fitting sheets will only get in the way of that.

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