Please meet Tricia.

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Please meet Tricia.

Tricia found us about one year after Isaac passed away when she was setting up his memorial page and doing research on crib safety.  As you will learn from the videos we posted today Isaac died at 6 months from suffocation when his traditional fitted crib sheet popped off.   Since that moment, Tricia and Mark have worked to bring some good and happiness out of their grief.  They made the decision to donate Isaac’s organs and provide his cord blood for research which ultimately led to a treatment for myeloid leukemia; to honor his memory and keep it alive they practice random acts of kindness each year on his birthday;  and they have become tireless crusaders for crib sheet safety.  Both medical professionals, they want all parents to know that safety was their top priority and they followed all the recommendations (including what they thought to be a secure fitted sheet);  but it was not enough.  

Over the years Tricia has been working to spread awareness -  buying ads on bill boards, insisting that BabiesRUs carry safer crib sheets (resulting in QuickZip’s first orders from them), and pushing for news coverage.  In the past QuickZip has helped in small ways to spread the message, providing sheets for her to distribute, sending out safety information on bookmarks and sticky pads, and committing to our safer design.   But we want to do more.   We are not only affected by Isaac’s story, but by the data.  In 2014 (the last year on record at the CDC) there were 875 infant deaths in the US due to “accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed”, the highest rate ever.  Further, a Penn State study released in 2016 indicated that in many cases parents are not following the safe sleep guidelines.  (For example, while under observation, 87%-93% of the subjects had loose/unapproved items nearby [the sleeping area] and 10-21% were put down on a non-recommended [sleeping] surface). 

As you see, there is still a long way to go, and we are committed to join in and move the needle on these numbers.  The challenge is that when most of us think about baby safety, we think about gear - car seats, strollers, cribs, and outlet plugs, but not usually crib sheets and maybe less so about sleep safety in general.  Starting right now, we will keep reminding, nagging, harping (though slightly unpopular activities) and spreading the word about sleep safety -especially crib sheet safety- until it ranks up there with the car seat. 

We are honored to share this story with you.  Tricia’s courage and determination inspires me and reminds me that we can make a difference.   We hope it will make a difference for you. 



The data provided above is compiled information from official government sources and medical organizations.  As always, consult your caregiver for specific questions, and for further information, in addition to the links in the text, please see:


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