Most Comfortable Bed Sheets

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Most comfortable bedsheets

It seems like finding a good pair of sheets is harder than ever these days, especially with new brands cropping up all over the place. Ordinarily, to find the best and most comfortable bed sheets, you would need to do a fair amount of research, try different brands and weaves, and read lots of customer reviews. Luckily, we did all that work for you! QuickZip took the best of all that information and used it to create sheets we LOVE sleeping in ourselves. Here’s a list of our favorite sheets, and a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new sheets yourself. 

Best Sheet Set for Staying Cool

Our favorite sheets for staying cool at night are the Percale Cotton sheets from QuickZip. With a crisp, cool feel that gets softer with every wash, you’ll feel comfortable all night long. These are especially great if you’re a hot sleeper, as cotton naturally has temperature regulating properties. 

Best Sheet Set for a Luxury Feel

If you want to feel like royalty when you slip into bed at night, our Sateen Cotton sheets are perfect for you. The tight weave of sateen lends these sheets a silky feel without the outrageous price tag. They’re soft and smooth without making you feel like you’re going to slip-slide out of bed — the perfect balance. 

Most Comfortable Flannel Sheets

Depending on where you live, flannel sheets can make a huge difference in the winter. We make flannel sheets so you don’t have to sacrifice the ease of our signature Zip Sheets for warmth. These are the softest and coziest sheets you’ll ever try. Because we make them with 100% cotton flannel, they’re just as breathable as our other sheets, and you won’t overheat.

Thread Count Explained

You’ll hear the phrase “thread count” used a lot when talking about bed sheets. But what does it actually mean? 

Thread count is measured by the number of vertically and laterally running threads per square inch of fabric. You might think of sheets with a higher thread count as more high end than sheets with a lower thread count. However, it’s not that simple — the sweet spot for comfort, durability, and breathability is actually 300 to 500 threads per inch. Any lower than that, the sheets might feel scratchy and will be more likely to pill. Any higher than that, the sheets have a greater chance of tearing and aren’t as breathable.

The Weave of Sheets

Earlier in this post, you saw us mention “percale” and “sateen.” These words signify the specific type of weave of a sheet, which ultimately affects how the sheets feel. Percale is a more common weave. Put simply the weave is constructed as one thread over, one thread under. Percale is extremely breathable, and has a crisp, cool feel.

If you prefer silkier sheets, Sateen is for you. They have a silky feel, without being slippery, because of the weave: one thread over, three threads under, which exposes more thread. Sateen is slightly heavier than Percale, and makes for the ideal all season sheets. Above all, we stand by the sentiment that cotton sheets are the best. Cotton fabric is breathable by nature, and gets softer with every wash. 

Without a doubt, once you try QuickZip sheets, you’ll never want to use sleep on another brand again. The ease of putting on our signature Zip Sheet is what makes them a great choice. We can all agree that trying to put on a top sheet, especially if your bed is in a corner, is the worst part of changing your sheets. The QuickZip Zip Sheet goes on like a standard fitted sheet the first time. After that, you simply zip off the top when you need to change your sheets. Unlike a fitted sheet, the Zip Sheet stays securely around the base of your mattress and won’t pop off. Changing your linens has never been easier!

When you’re shopping for bed sheets, you’re making a decision that will affect both your comfort, and the quality of your sleep. Of course, setting up a comfortable, supportive sleeping environment starts with a good quality mattress. But, you shouldn’t stop there. Investing in bed sheets that you love will make bedtime your favorite part of the day. From weave to thread count to material to color, there are limitless options when choosing great sheets. Ultimately, your taste and preferences will be your trusty guide as you find bed sheets that are most comfortable for you!

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