Is Sleeping Naked Better For Your Health?

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Is Sleeping Naked Better For Your Health?

We all know the comfort of slipping into a deliciously comfortable set of PJs. But what about sleeping in the buff? 

As it turns out, sleeping naked might not only be more comfortable for some people, but it can actually pay off in a big way for your health! 

Here’s what we know about the various benefits of sleeping naked, plus how to get the best sleep of your life no matter what your pajama choice (or lack thereof). 

Sleeping naked may help you reach the perfect temperature for a better night’s sleep. 

Did you know that your body has a scientifically proven temperature range that it prefers for better sleep? 

While your needs and comfort level may vary from person to person, it’s often suggested that the best temperature for sleeping is somewhere around 60-65 degrees. This is primarily because of your body’s biological response to night falling. As it starts getting darker, your body starts releasing various hormones that trigger drowsiness and relaxation based on your natural circadian rhythms (which you can think of as your body’s internal “clock”). Your body’s core temperature also starts to drop, and all of these factors combine to signal that it’s time to go to bed. 

So if your sleeping situation leaves you running overheated, it’s no wonder that it can start to mess with your sleep cycle and ultimately leave you feeling restless rather than restful. 

This is where sleeping naked can help. As long as you have the right bedding to keep you comfortable throughout the night, being nude may help regulate your body temperature and help you get a better night’s sleep! This may be especially helpful if you tend to run hot while you’re sleeping, or if you live in a hot, stuffy area of the world that makes it hard to cool down to the optimum temperature. 

Sleeping naked may have surprising benefits for your reproductive system.

On a related note, those improvements in body temperature can pay off in a big way if you’re trying for a baby (or want to someday). 

Sleeping in tight, constricting underwear may lower your sperm count since it can cause the temperature to increase and affect sperm quality. On the other hand, letting your testicles “breathe” seems to be pretty beneficial in comparison. To illustrate this: a 2018 study found that men who wore loose-fitting boxers tended to have higher sperm concentrations and sperm numbers than those who wore tighter-fitting underwear! 

So by sleeping naked, you may actually be able to improve your sperm quality in the long run. 

Sleeping naked is better for vaginal health. 

Another major perk that comes with sleeping naked is that it might reduce your risk of developing a yeast infection! Yeast thrives best in warm, moist environments, so going bare at night is a great way to improve circulation and reduce the risk factors no matter what you wear during the day. To be clear, there’s no conclusive scientific evidence that sleeping naked is associated with lower instances of yeast infections, but it can certainly help promote a better environment for a healthier vagina in the long run. 

Bonus: Sleeping naked could be beneficial for your relationship and your self-esteem. 

This might not be a health-related bonus in the strictest sense of the word, but who doesn’t love a thriving relationship, whether it’s with your partner or yourself (or both)? 

In 2014, Cotton USA conducted a survey on British couples and found some exciting trends on how people felt when they slept naked. The most promising? More people who slept naked reported feeling happier in their relationships than people who wore pajamas! This could be due to a variety of factors, not least of which is the fact that sharing skin-to-skin quality time with your partner can help release oxytocin, a “feel-good” brain chemical. 

But whether or not you’re sharing your bed with a partner, sleeping naked can have some other great benefits for your personal mental health. Researchers have found that spending time naked can be great for your self-esteem and body appreciation

More tips for sleeping (naked or not)

Make sure that you’re choosing the right sheets for your needs.

This is always going to apply, but it’s especially true if you’re sleeping naked and coming into contact with your sheets throughout your entire body! If you find yourself needing some extra breathability, you might prefer the feel of light, crisp Percale cotton. On the other hand, if you prefer the silky-smooth feel of luxury sheets, Sateen may be a better fit. Finally, if you’re concerned about getting cold at night, Flannel is a sure winner (and luckily, QuickZip has luxury bedding available in all three materials!). 

Do your laundry often.

As a general rule, you should aim to change your sheets at least once a week. However, if you’re sleeping naked (and especially if you tend to sweat a lot) you may need to increase the frequency of your bedding change. To make it even easier on yourself, try buying plenty of extra sheets and having them on hand. This way, you can quickly change your sheets as soon as you notice they need a refresh without having to wait for them to run all the way through your laundry cycle. 

    Be mindful of your room’s temperature.

    If you’re going to sleep naked, you’ll need to make sure that your room and your bedding can help keep you comfy no matter what the weather is. To stay warm, invest in insulated duvets, blankets, and covers, especially during the colder winter months. On the other hand, if you tend to run hot at night, set your thermostat lower, run a fan, and/or crack open a window to get to that optimum comfy temp you need to get your best night’s sleep.

      The bottom line

      Your sleeping preferences are highly personal preferences. It ultimately comes down to your own comfort level, but for people who prefer sleeping naked (or are thinking about making the switch) there definitely seems to be a good-enough reason to do so! But whether you sleep naked or prefer to bundle up in PJs, the most important thing is to make sure that you’re setting up your room for success with comfy bedding and optimal temperatures. 

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