Don't bring another onesie. THIS is the perfect baby shower gift.

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Don't bring another onesie. THIS is the perfect baby shower gift.

Giving the perfect gift is a great feeling. Giving a soon-to-be-mom something that will make her life easier for years to come is our definition of a perfect gift. Here's 5 reasons why our crib sheets are the best baby shower present ever!

1. Easy to change

Our sheets change the game on how you change your baby's crib sheet. Instead of lifting the entire mattress and having to interpretive dance around the crib to get the sheet on, our sheets simply have a top portion that zip on and off. Turning an annoying chore into a quick task is something new mom's appreciate, especially if it's 3am and their baby just made a mess in their crib! 

2. Easy to wash

Fitted sheets are the worst. They lump up in the washer and dryer, they suck other laundry items into their vortex, and then they don't dry because of it. But with our fitted sheets you only need to wash the top portion which is the same as washing a flat sheet. We don't have an grievances against the flat sheet, and neither will new parents. 


3. Changes with the seasons

We have a variety of zip on sheet options from our crib collection. Our 100% cotton sheets are breathable and perfect for those hot months. Or try our organic cotton sheets that are Organic GOTS Certified. The most cuddly option is our minky sheets. Super soft and warm! If you're looking for something with a little pizazz, try our Artist Collection sheets that showcase several custom designs! 


4. Safe

More important than style or ease is the safety of any product that will be around newborns. Our crib sheets fully wrap around the mattress with a top that securely zips on. This means the corners cannot pop off! Loose bedding can be a serious risk for babies. Give the gift of peace of mind, it will outshine any cute onesie present. 

5. Durable

These sheets are strong and made to last. They'll last kid after kid which means great savings for those growing their family.