Dadsense: Father's Day Gift Guide

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Dadsense:  Father's Day Gift Guide

I am excited to bring you our first guest blog – and especially this one – from Kevin (AKA Dadsense);  a man after our own hearts here at QuickZip – bringing you parenting advice that “just make sense”. Here is now he defines it:

Dad•sense (n): 1)The tingling sensation when someone leaves a light on or adjusts the thermostat. 2) Parenting decisions that just make sense.

He is practical, funny, and real!  And, he can change sheets and entertain BabyT – all at the same time, really! Watch it below:


Of course, there would be no one better to give us a real Insider’s Guide to the best Father’s Day gifts – and we’ve brought it to you!  Here you go……..

 With my first Father's Day rapidly approaching I think back to when I was a child, and the gifts and experiences I shared with my dad.  I remember the school 'art' projects ("An ashtray! How thoughtful!" said my dad, who never smoked a day in his life), the gifts I purchased ("A Mickey Mouse tie, perfect for my next board meeting!") but most importantly I remember the experiences - making breakfast with mum, going golfing, even spending the afternoon working in the yard.  Commonplace activities were suddenly wonderful gifts.
 That said, who can say no to a nice Mickey Mouse tie?  Let's look at some fresh gift ideas:




There are always new and exciting electronics available.  While dad's hobbies may differ, chances are they all involve a plug:

  • Tools - cordless drills and screwdrivers are always a hit.  Make sure you stick with the brand that dad already uses though!  I prefer the Black and Decker Matrix system with its multiple attachments to help tackle any job!
  • Digital photo frame - Let dad bring the memories to work with him.  Upload some family photos to add a nice custom touch.
  • Chromecast - Dad doesn't want to buy a new TV but wants to watch Netflix without plugging in the laptop?  Problem solved!  Cast straight from your phone to the TV with easy wireless control.


Dad likes to look good, too; sometimes he just needs a little help.  Nudge his wardrobe in the right direction with your gifts:

  • Ties - Let's not mess with a classic!  Keep it modern though - subtle patterns, and no more than 2 inches wide.
  • T-shirts - Keep it comfy!  The reason Father's Day is on Sunday is so dad can kick his feet up and relax.  Find a print shop and make your own slogan, the more sentimental the better.
  • Smart Watch - Ok, yes it's electronic, but a Moto360 ties up an outfit nicely with it's custom watch faces.  Plus, the built-in fitness tracker will help dad conquer that dad-bod!


Sometimes it’s nice just to have some time with the family.  Let dad sleep in, make breakfast, plan an afternoon at a ball game, or make a reservation at a new restaurant that you think he will enjoy.

Years ago my dad retired.  As I helped clean out the suits and shirts that he would no longer need he passed me a box and said "you might get some use out of these..."  Inside were all of the ties (and a perfectly clean ashtray) that I had bought him, nicely rolled and ready for new life.  They say the 80s are coming back - my tie collection can't wait.

A bit more insider info:
How he got started:

I have always enjoyed writing, but I never had a central theme. Then when my wife was pregnant I started reading anything I could get my hands on. While there was plenty of information written by mums, I had a real challenge finding a dad's perspective on the force of nature that was to be my son.  When T was born I had my theme and my muse. Everyday activities were my colour palette.

Why he loves it:

I have enjoyed watching my son grow and documenting his milestones along the way. is an outlet for me, and a resource for the fraternity of fathers who want to be hands on with their children.

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Thanks Kevin!!


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