The Best Percale Sheets For Superior Comfort, Even On The Hottest Nights

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Best percale sheets

Calling all hot sleepers and creatures of comfort! Anyone knows that the kind of bedding you use can make or break your ability to drift off and get a good night’s sleep, and the issue becomes all the worse if you’re constantly tossing and turning trying to find a cool spot in your bed. So if you’re on the hunt for the crispest, coolest, and comfiest options for dressing your bed, percale cotton sheets might just become your new best friend. 

Here’s why percale sheets might be a go-to gamechanger for your bed, plus the best sheet options out there for sleeping in style and comfort. 

Why Percale Sheets?

One of the first decisions you need to make when shopping for the right bed sheets is the type of fabric that will work best for your needs and comfort level. If you’re a hot sleeper or are just looking for classic crispness, durability, and comfort all year long, percale cotton is an easy choice! 

Percale is a kind of fabric weave that is tightly woven using a traditional “over-under” criss-cross pattern. The resulting bed sheet finishes matte and crisp to the touch. The percale weave also comes with a major bonus: it’s incredibly breathable! Unlike some other common bedding weaves, like sateen, the simple over-under weaving tactic used to make percale results in a fabric that allows for a ton of airflow even on the hottest nights. 

Even better, while the percale weaving technique can be used on a variety of different fabric types, there’s something especially superior about a cotton percale weave. Cotton, which is known for its softness and breathability, makes an ideal textile for percale weaving. The result is a crisp, luxurious bed sheet that holds up on hot nights and for hot sleepers, all while delivering that superior comfort that stands up to even the most luxurious hotel bedding. 

The bottom line: if you’re looking for sheets that are breathable, cool, and durable -- and which definitely do not sacrifice on comfort -- 100% percale cotton is a clear winner! (Looking for warmer sheets for cold nights, or for luxe and smooth sheets that scream glamour? Try Flannel or Sateen sheets, respectively). 

The Best Percale Fitted Sheets

Kiss tossing and turning on hot nights goodbye! QuickZip’s signature Percale Zip Sheets are the best option for percale fitted sheets that won’t pop off in the middle of the night. These fitted sheets are made with a luxurious 400 thread-count 100% cotton percale weave, which means plenty of crisp, cool comfort for you. It also comes in a ton of different sizes, including Crib, RV sizes, split sizes, and more, so you can find the perfect fit for virtually any kind of mattress you own. 

Even better, QuickZip’s signature Fitted Sheet design is specifically designed to make changing your sheets as easy as can be (in other words, no more wrestling with your fitted sheets trying to keep them on all corners). 

How it works: QuickZip Fitted Sheets come in two parts: a base that fits securely around the sides of your mattress and holds on with a strong underside elastic, and a top Zip Sheet that zips snugly onto the base. You’ll zip both parts together and fit the sheet to your bed just like a normal fitted sheet the first time. Then, when laundry day comes around, you can simply unzip the Zip Sheet, toss it into the washing machine, and zip a fresh Zip Sheet back onto the base! (We recommend getting additional Add-On Zip Sheets to change it up even more easily). It’s incredibly convenient, and in a luxuriously comfy cotton weave like Percale, you’ll be able to drift off soundly even on the hottest days of the year. 

The Best Percale Flat Sheets

A great fitted sheet needs a great flat sheet to go along with it. The accompanying Percale Flat Sheets from QuickZip is an excellent option for complimenting your fitted sheets and adding even more breathability to your bed setup. These sheets feature the same crisp and clean percale cotton as the QuickZip fitted sheets, plus plenty of matching colors and sizes to help create the comfy bed of your dreams. 

Bonus: Best Percale Pillowcases

With a good set of percale pillowcases, there’s no more flipping your pillow over and over again trying to find the cool side! The Percale Pillowcases by QuickZip feature generous sizing to accommodate almost all of your favorite pillows, as well as an elegant piped fold, French cuff, and, of course, the same 400-count, 100% cotton percale weave to help you sleep soundly throughout the night without having to readjust due to overheating. 

Another Bonus: The Best Percale Duvet Cover

High-quality cotton sheets might be the foundation for the comfy bed of your dreams, but a good comforter is the cherry on top! If you’re looking for a percale option for your bedcover, check out QuickZip’s Percale New Way Duvet Cover. Made from the same crisp, light 400-thread count percale cotton as the signature sheets, this duvet cover is designed to keep you comfy, not sweaty. It also comes with an extra-long zipper that runs across the entire bottom and up one side of the cover, plus convenient comforter clip-ins and hidden openings for easy adjustments, all of which makes changing your covers on laundry day a breeze. 


Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep quite like uncomfortable bedding in low-quality fabrics. Whether you’re looking for fitted sheets, pillowcases, flat sheets, or other pieces of bedding, percale cotton is the superior choice for people who are looking for a mix of comfort, style, and breathability. Slipping into a bed dressed with percale sheets, pillowcases, and covers is like slipping into the most luxurious boutique hotel bed -- it’s always fresh, uber-comfortable and cool! 

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