The Best Cooling Sheets

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Best Cooling Sheets

Tossing and turning during a hot summer night is no fun. But if you’re constantly struggling with feeling overheated and uncomfortable when you’re just trying to get your eight hours of sleep in, there’s probably a good chance that it’s time to change your bed sheets to something way more comfortable. 

Why are cool sheets are so important for sleeping well at night?

Staying nice and cool is actually really important for a night of good sleep quality, and it’s proven by science! Researchers have found that many of us sleep at our best when temperatures are between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is part of the reason that so many people sleep so well when they stick their feet out of the covers or have a fan blowing cool air in the background of their bedroom. 

So if you’ve ever woken up wrestling with tangled, sweaty sheets, you already know that having temperature-regulating bedding can be a huge game changer. When your bed sheets aren’t up to par, it can have a very real impact the temperature and, subsequently, how well you’re sleeping at night. Sheets that are made with synthetic fabrics or a thick, dense weave can trap heat and moisture at night, leading to sweaty, uncomfortable nights and poor sleep quality. 

What are the best fabrics to look out for in cooling sheets?

If you’re a hot sleeper looking for a way to lower the temperature, one of the first steps to take is to change your bedding! 

You’ll specifically want to be on the lookout for two different qualities in your bed sheet fabric:

  • 100% Cotton - Cotton is one of the lightest and most breathable fabrics around. 100% cotton sheets are great for wicking away moisture, which means that you won’t find yourself waking up to sheets sticking to your body from sweat. In the meantime, other popular sheet options like polycotton, which contain synthetic polyester fabrics in addition to cotton, don’t allow as much air and moisture through the fabric, leaving to a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable night’s sleep. 
  • A percale weave -In addition to the fabric material itself, you’ll also want to look at the weave style! Cotton can come in several different weaves, such as Sateen. But if you’re looking for the coolest option, you would do best to choose a crisper, cooler percale weave. Percale sheets are weaved in an “over-under” criss-cross pattern that allows for plenty of airflow, resulting in a breathable, lightweight sheet in a matte finish.

When you combine these two qualities, you end up with crisp, cool sheets that are perfect for hot sleepers, arid climates, and the hottest nights. 

The #1 Best Cooling Sheets For Your Bed

QuickZip’s Zip Sheet in 100% percale cotton is the perfect solution for hot sleepers and balmy summer nights. 

These soft, cool sheets are hands down one of the best options on the market if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep. And that’s for more than just the superior crisp, cool comfort they deliver night after night. 

QuickZip’s Zip Sheets are made with an ingeniously simple design that keeps sheets staying in place for good, no matter how much you’re moving around. It comes with two separate parts: a base that fits securely around the side of your mattress and a Zip Sheet that zips securely onto the base.

Once properly installed, the design ensures that it stays fast onto your bed without slipping off the corners like a standard fitted sheet. And even better: once you’re ready to swap out your sheets on laundry day, all you have to do is zip the top portion (the Zip Sheet) off and zip on your fresh and clean one: no more wrestling to get your fitted sheet to fit on all four corners! 

More luxuriously cool bedding to add to your bed.

The ice-cold goodness doesn’t stop there! Check out these other light, cool bedding options to help get your bed nice and comfortable: 

And for the best bang for your buck, consider getting a Quick Bundle in Percale to cover all of your bases! 

Other hot tips for keeping your sleep area cool.

  • Keep a glass of cold water or two by your bedside table for the times you wake up overheated and parched throughout the night 
  • Stick a foot or two out from your comforter when it starts feeling really hot -- some people swear by it for helping to regulate their body temperature! 
  • Run a fan or two to help circulate air throughout your room and provide a nice breeze on hotter nights 
  • If possible, crack a window or two open to let in some fresh air and mitigate some of the stuffiness that might be contributing to feeling hot and stuffy 
  • Experiment with cranking down the thermostat or turning up your air conditioning to find a sleeping temperature that works best for you 
  • Run a hot bath before bedtime, which (believe it or not!) can help you bring down your body temperature and help you get nice and cozy before bedtime 
  • Change up your PJs to something more breathable: again, cotton is a wonderful option here, but you can also go with other light natural fabrics like bamboo. Fabrics to definitely avoid: flannel, polyester, and polycotton, all of which can trap heat and make you feel more uncomfortable. 


Don’t let hot, stuffy nights get in the way of your good night’s sleep. By changing your bedding to cooler, more breathable fabrics like Percale Cotton and swapping out your old pillows and duvets with lighter options, you’ll be well on your way to that blissfully comfortable sleep you’ve been craving even if it’s in the middle of the summer. 

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