The Best Bedding Sets For Every Kind Of Sleeper

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Best Bedding Sets

Your bed should be your haven, the cozy retreat that you get to look forward to and snuggle into every single night. So if you want to get the most out of your bed, choosing the right bedding set is crucial! 

Whether you like your bedding cool and crisp, luxe and buttery-soft, or warm and cozy, here are the best QuickZip QuickBundle bedding sets for every comfort level and bedding need. 

The best bedding set for luxurious basics: QuickZip Classic Bundle

If you’re looking to dress your bed with the very best foundational items, the QuickZip Classic Bundle is the perfect choice. This quintessential bedding set comes with everything you’ll need to dress your bed in comfort and style, including: 

  • 1 QuickZip Fitted Sheet (Base + Zip Sheet) 
  • 1 Zip Sheet 
  • 1 Flat Sheet 
  • 1 Pair Standard Size Pillowcases 

You’ll also get your choice of three different luxurious 100% cotton fabrics, Sateen, Percale, or Flannel so you can choose the perfect bedding for your comfort level. 

The best bedding set for trying out the innovative Zip Sheet: QuickZip Fitted + Spare Bundle

For a no-frills bedding set that’ll allow you to try QuickZip’s signature Zip Sheet, the fitted + spare bundle is a great place to start. This fitted sheet bundle comes with everything you’ll need to see the magic of QuickZip’s easy change system, including: 

  • 1 Fitted Sheet ( Base + Zip Sheet) 
  • 1 Zip Sheet 

With this set, you’ll get to experience just how easy your life can be on laundry days when you aren’t wrestling with an unwieldy fitted sheet, plus a spare zip sheet so you can change your sheets immediately without having to wait for the dryer cycle to run through. 

The best bedding set with a duvet cover: QuickZip Euro Bundle

If you’d rather have a snuggly duvet cover than a fitted sheet, the Euro Bundle has you covered. This set includes: 

  • 1 Fitted Sheet (Base + Zip Sheet) 
  • 1 Zip Sheet 
  • 1 Pair Standard Size Pillowcases 
  • 1 New-Way Duvet Cover 

The real magic of this set is the New-Way Duvet Cover, which zips open on two sides and clips into place for the easiest and most secure duvet cover change you’ve ever experienced! 

The best bedding set for easy laundry days: QuickZip Full Change Bundle

One of the beauties of using QuickZip Fitted Sheets is the ease and simplicity – now take that convenience and multiply it by two! This set was designed with hassle-free laundry days in mind and includes: 

  • 1 Fitted Sheet (Base + Zip Sheet) 
  • 1 Zip Sheet 
  • 2 Flat Sheets 
  • 2 Pairs Standard Size Pillowcases 

When it comes time to run your sheets through your washing machine, simply unzip the Zip Sheet and throw it into the wash along with your used flat sheet and pillowcases … then grab your other set in your linen closet that’s already clean and ready to go! 

The best bedding set for sleepers with particular tastes: a Custom QuickZip Bedding Bundle

Whether you’re looking to give your bedroom a complete makeover or just need a couple of pieces here and there, building a Custom Bundle is the perfect solution for creating your own solution. Choose from a variety of bedding separates like: 

  • Fitted Sheets (Base + Zip Sheet) 
  • Extra Zip Sheets 
  • Flat Sheets
  • Duvet Covers
  • Pillowcases
  • Comforters 
  • Mattress Pads 

With the freedom to choose the exact luxurious bedding items you need, you’ll be able to build your perfect bedding set without compromise. 

What to consider when choosing your bedding sets

There’s more to consider than just the aesthetics and how well they’ll visually fit into your bedroom decor! 

Which bedding items you need?

Let’s start with the very basics: which pieces does your bed actually need? 

This can depend on many factors, including what you already have and what you’re trying to accomplish with your new bedding set. For example, are you looking for a full bedroom makeover or are you simply trying to replace a couple of items?

As a general rule, most basic bedding sets will contain some combination of the following: 

  • Fitted sheets 
  • Flat sheets
  • Pillowcases/Pillow shams 
  • A duvet cover 
  • A comforter 

Start here by determining which pieces you want your new bedding set to contain, which will then put you on the right path as you start shopping around for your new bedding set. 


The next most important consideration is the kind of fabric your bedding is made of! 

While everyone’s bedding preferences are going to differ, you’ll likely want to steer away from synthetic fabrics like polyester, as well as synthetic blends like polycotton. While fairly durable, polyester and polycotton are also less breathable and comfortable than other fabrics. 

For the ultimate comfort, look for natural fibers instead! 100% Long-staple cotton is a safe, luxurious, and comfortable choice for a wide variety of sleepers. Other natural fibers you might consider include bamboo, silk, and linen. 


In addition to the fabric itself, you’ll also want to consider how the fabric is woven as this can make a huge difference in how your bedding feels. QuickZip offers 100% long-staple cotton bedding in three different options: 

  • Percale, a crisp, cool, and breathable fabric 
  • Sateen, a luxurious and buttery-soft option 
  • Flannel, a warm fabric perfect for colder nights 

To find the right fit for you, consider how you normally sleep. Do you find yourself getting hot and sweaty while you’re sleeping, or do you tend to run cold? Are you partial to a luxurious and comfortable bed set? What’s the weather like outside? These questions can help you narrow down your options. 

Thread Count/Fabric density 

Have you been trained to think that thread count is the only thing you need to consider when buying sheets?

Quick definition: Thread count is simply calculated by adding the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric.

As so many have pointed out recently: higher numbers are not necessarily better. There are other variables underlying those numbers including the quality, type and thickness of each fiber, and the weave (see above).

What is the best thread count for bedding?

Bedding thread counts start at around 150, anything over 200 will result in a softer, more comfortable fabric. A recent Consumer Reports test confirmed that higher thread count does not guarantee better sheets and gave highest marks to sheets with a thread count of 280. In fact, the highest thread-count fabrics are known to breathe less and tear more than lower thread-count fabrics. The fiber content and construction create more impact for your comfort.


A soft, comfortable bed that you can’t wait to return every night starts with a premium bedding set. With the QuickZip QuickBundles and Custom Bundles, there’s a good option out there for everyone! 

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