7 Apartment Upgrades Every College Grad Needs

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7 Apartment Upgrades Every College Grad Needs

The transition from school to your "life after" can be tricky. If you've conquered a college degree we think you are in great shape to conquer your apartment. Here's a list of post-grad upgrades that bring the sophistication of your apartment up a notch. 


Posters, flags, and photographs taped to the wall are all staples in a college apartment. Changing out your wall decor is a quick and easy way that instantly gives your digs an upgrade. Display your favorite pictures in frames. Or, if all your pictures reside in the digital world, print a few physical copies to make your place more personal. You can also find a lot of amazing artwork online these days. Find a few pieces that you love and your apartment will quickly start to reflect your own personal style. 

A classic black frame with wide matting is always in style.

Choose the perfect art print from artist all over the world. There is something for every style onSociety6.


Let's face it. No one wants to sit on your lumpy, stained college couch or futon. It's central to the home and used daily. We can't think of a better piece of furniture to be your first big investment. 

Buying grown up furniture doesn't have to be boring! Try a fun color to really make a statement. Here is a great example from Ikea.

If you need a more budget friendly way to perk up your living room, try a nice couch cover



Bedding isn't the first thing that comes to mind for college grads. We get it, it's not the most flashy thing in the world to buy. But creating a good sleep environment is going to set you up for success in all your new endeavors. And if regular washing is a new skill for you, try QuickZip sheets as they are easy to change, wash, and fold. All great things for those of us not yet proficient in the laundry room.



Speaking of a good sleep environment, invest in a good pillow! Take it from someone who slept WAY too long on 15 year old, lumpy, flat pillows. A good pair of sheets combined with a good pillow is going to be a game changer in your bedroom.

It's always a good idea to check out pillows in person so you can test how the feel. Try a place that has a large variety of pillows, like Bed, Bath, & Beyond.



If you have a cabinet full of mismatched cups and glasses do yourself a favor - box those up and donate them. Buying a set of glassware can be inexpensive and will instantly elevate your dining experience. A decluttered cabinet is also good for the soul! 

When it comes to glassware, you can't go wrong with the basics like this clear glass set of 12


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT take your old, gross shower curtain liner with you during a move. They are cheap and easy to replace. It's the very least you can do to improve your bathroom's hygiene. 

Go one step further and buy a new shower curtain. There are tons of styles and its a quick way to give your bathroom a makeover! 



If your towels are stained, have holes, or are way past their lifespan, toss em! New towels are essential to a proper bathroom upgrade. Plus, you can't beat the feeling of fresh towels after a hot shower. 

Pick a solid color like these aqua towels. Then you can easily mix and match them with other patterned items in your bathroom. 


Can't decide what to start with?  We always recommend that you start at the core, the most used and loved spot in your apartment - the bed! Check out QuickZip sheets here. 

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