6 easy ways to create a relaxing bedroom

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6 easy ways to create a relaxing bedroom

The holiday season is fast approaching. Often times we get stress and anxiety along with the excitement and fun of the holiday months. One way to cope is to create a safe haven for yourself. Create a relaxation oasis in your bedroom that you can escape to every night. It's like a built-in refresher for your daily schedule! Here are some easy tips to make your bedroom extra tranquil. 

1. Declutter your bedside table

It's easy for things to accumulate on our bedside table. Take a few minutes to organize, dust, and get rid of any items you don't use. Hide any electrical wires or tie them together so they stay out of the way. 


2. Treat yourself to new bed sheets

New sheets can make a huge difference. Think of it as a makeover for your bed. You spend a third of each day in bed, it should be an inviting place. 


3. Buy a small house plant

Adding a little greenery into your bedroom quickly warms the space. Being surrounded by nature, even a small potted plant, can be very relaxing. If you're concerned about upkeep, try a low maintenance plant like succulents. 


4. Organize your dresser drawers

Trying to find something in a messy dresser is the quickest way to lose any calmness you may have. Do a quick purge of unwanted items and then organize or fold what's left. It will be an extension of the calm room you're creating. 


5. Keep a book nearby

Electronic screens have been proven to mess with our bodies natural process of calming down at night. Instead of reaching for your phone for some late night scrolling, grab a book to read and fall asleep a little easier.  


6. Add custom art
Give your walls a refresh with some new artwork. Find pieces that reflect the mood you're trying to achieve. You don't have to spend big bucks to make a big impact. Try a DIY project to stay budget friendly and make the pieces more special. 

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