Crib Safety 101 - What to Know and Why It's So Important

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Crib Safety 101 - What to Know and Why It's So Important

Crib safety is one of the most important elements in your baby's nursery. Every baby needs a safe place to sleep and safe baby bedding. When parents know they are providing a safe sleeping environment for their baby, they can feel comfortable when putting their baby to bed. The safest baby cribs come in  many brands and varieties. But the most important aspect of a safe baby crib is that it meets current safety standards.

Before purchasing a crib and safe baby bedding for your newborn baby, make sure to consider the following safety factors:

A crib should contain a firm mattress that fits snugly and is covered by a fitted sheet.

For the safety of your baby, all items besides safe baby bedding should be left out of the crib. For examples, blankets, stuffed animals, and other items should be eliminated from your baby's sleeping area. Most government agencies and experts also recommend that you eliminate crib bumpers as they may cause suffocation hazards.   

A QuickZip sheet is considered safe baby bedding because it fits snugly around the mattress, and it goes beyond the minimum recommendations since it wraps all the way around the crib mattress so it won’t pop off.  QuickZip crib sheets are also simple to change when dirty.

A baby mobile should be out of baby's reach.

Babies are notorious for reaching and grabbing anything that they find interesting. A baby mobile might be a soothing source of entertainment, but it can be dangerous if it's placed within a baby's reach. When considering crib safety, a mobile should be removed or placed somewhere far away from the crib if your baby is big enough to reach or grab it.

Used or old cribs might not meet today's safety standards.

Cribs that are more than a few years old (even if they are still wrapped in their original packaging and have never been used) might not meet today's rigorous safety standards. Crib safety should be a big priority! If you are planning to purchase a used crib or if someone has offered to give you their old crib, make sure to verify the safety features of the crib through the manufacturer using its model number or serial number.

Thoughts when considering hand painting your baby's crib.

It may be possible to hand paint your baby's crib to make it look modern and to match the nursery perfectly. However, most babies love to chew or suck on anything nearby, and the slats on a crib are no exception. In order to prevent your baby from inadvertently ingesting paint, avoid hand painting the crib.  Also, be aware of requirements from CPSC regarding the limits for lead in paint on children’s items as well as household paint.   

Verify that the slats on the crib are spaced at minimum 2 3/8 inches apart (about the width of a soda can).

When the slats are farther apart, there is a risk of your baby's arms, legs or even head getting caught in between. Most of today's safest baby cribs are designed with slats that are safely spaced, but it's important to check this feature before allowing your baby to sleep in any crib.

There are many safety regulations when it comes to the safest baby cribs. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a Safe to Sleep Crib Information Center and a crib safety FAQon its website.

The information is designed to educate new parents, caretakers and the public on how to provide safe sleep for your baby. QuickZip is proud to offer QuickZip zip sheets and safe baby bedding for cribs that fit a crib mattress perfectly.

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